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  1. BreadInc

    Solid Lanterns/Candles?

    So I'm using the lanterns from the !Other3 character file to decorate part of a map temporarily, but I can't figure out how to make it so the characters can't pass through them. There's probably a very simple fix to this but I can't find it :,) I tried to search for previous instances of this...
  2. BreadInc

    Popular Anime You Don't Like?

    There's a lot of anime that's WAY blown out of proportion, in my opinion. What's a super-popular anime you've seen that you think didn't deserve its fame? My biggest experience with this was probably Guilty Crown- it's so popular and people love it, so I watched it recently and I was extremely...
  3. BreadInc

    Is Mindless Self Indulgence Scene?

    This has been a running battle between my Instagram followers, so I thought I'd ask here and see what the RM community thinks. Is MSI a scene band? Additionally, what's your opinion on them? I have a playlist of their songs because it helps me concentrate when I'm drawing (I don't know why...
  4. BreadInc

    [RMVXA] Is there a crowbar icon?

    Hi! So, yeah, my eyesight isn't the greatest, but I've been perusing the default icon set, and I've been unable to locate a crowbar but I'm not entirely sure if I'm just blind or whether there isn't one. Is there a crowbar in the default icon set? And if not, are there any crowbar icons...
  5. BreadInc

    [RMVXA] How To Make A Mansion With Default Resources?

    Hi, thank you for reading! This is a really weird and oddly specific question, and I wasn't entirely sure where to post it, but yeah. Part of my game is centered around a mysterious woman's house, and it has to be pretty big so I'm going for a mansion/townhouse look. Thing is, I want to make...
  6. BreadInc

    [RMVXA] Assorted Problems Including Stuck Player Etc.

    Hi, all! I purchased RMVXA a while ago on Steam and being a newbie, I make the most simple, ridiculous mistakes. It happens, especially when you're like me and you insist on making your first game fairly complex. Currently I'm trying to get a demo up for people to test, but I've been having...

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