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  1. WhiteW

    Increase animation speed on Moghunter's LMBS?

    Hello. This plugin looks great, but I want to increase the core animation's speed (dash, walking, guard, etc) because it is pretty slow. I thought it was Pose Speed, but that's only for the skills. I've tried looking for keywords "speed" and "animation" and did come across some numbers, but...
  2. WhiteW

    Single sprite movement with rotation?

    Hello, I don't know if there's a specific name for this kind of movement. I've tried searching around with many keywords, "rotating sprite", "turn on achor" and various other mixes to no avail. It's really hard to explain, take a quick look at this video instead: Could it be possible for...
  3. WhiteW

    TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined // Help

    My friend sent me a plugin his friend made last year. It's supposed to the a skill tree plugin, but it's not currently working since a few versions ago. I asked him to see if his friend could fix it, but he hasn't been online for ages. UPDATE: While messing around with it, my friend managed...
  4. WhiteW

    Actor name above head

    Hello. I'm looking for a plugin, something of this kind But instead of events, displaying the actor's name above the corresponding actor. Is this possible? Thank you.
  5. WhiteW

    Temporary Font change plugin?

    Is there a plugin that allows me to change the font for a short while in an event and change it back to default after? I want it to be able to override the font in Galv's Message Styles. Thank you.
  6. WhiteW

    Tileset sheet size, can it be increased?

    I've recently learned that the maximum size of the B-E tileset sheets are 768x768. Is there a ways to increase it besides using TileD (heard it can be used to bypass that)? To, say, double the size in height? Because I recently purchased the Forest Slasher tileset pack and the boats seem to be...
  7. WhiteW

    AltMenuScreen3 Level Position

    How can I move the Lvl 1 onto the front of the name? And also to change the font color of LVL, HP and MP to another? Thank you.
  8. WhiteW

    Hood DLC? Which one is it? In this thread, Bokou says that the Full Hood No Mask and Full Hood w/ Mask are part of a DLC in the notes, hence why he doesn't add the face file. What DLC is it from? Thank you in advance.
  9. WhiteW

    RM Deserves more!

    Hello everyone, This isn't off-offtopic, but I wasn't sure if the Site Feedback forum was meant for threads other than questions and things of the sort, so if this thread belongs there, I ask for the first moderator/administrator that sees it to move it, and I also apologize for posting in the...
  10. WhiteW

    Veteran and Approval question?

    Hello, I read that you reach Veteran upon reaching 30 posts, but as of currently have 32 but I'm still Member? I'm just confused. Also, is this intended or a bug? Every of my posts seem to need moderation approval. Thank you.
  11. WhiteW

    Terrax Lightning's massive Lag!

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a little project for a contest in which the game can only contain one map. I thought I'd use Terrax Lightning, but it's starting to LAG my game a ton. Is there a way to go around this? Or to erase multiple events simultaneously? Thank you.
  12. WhiteW

    Force choices to close?

    Hello! Say I want to give the player some choices on a timer. When it ends, the choice box closes and a 'default' cutscene follows. How can I force close the choice box? Both in MV and VX Ace? Thank you!
  13. WhiteW

    Seamless Transferss w/ Followers?

    Hello. I was making a few maps which have equal corridors and when the player reaches the end, it would transfer them to the next map, and then they would walk back and notice they are on a different map. My problem is that the teleport pauses my character from walking + throws the follower...
  14. WhiteW

    MV Tile size to VX Ace size?

    Hello everyone. I'm making a little personal game project for my girlfriend and I'm using MV. However, I wanted to use Germania tilesets and to not lose quality I decided to use Shaz's tile resize. It's working great except for a little problem, at the bottom of the screen it looks like...
  15. WhiteW

    NVidia Drivers VS Me

    So recently I started to get annoyed at the fan sound of computers and laptops. It bothers me a lot, as I like silence... So after a small research, Microsoft is telling people to update their graphics driver. Turns out that if I do, then I get a lag wave on games that should be speedy and...

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