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  1. Szyu's Crafting System

    Everything works now. Thanks!
  2. Szyu's Crafting System

     I noticed it wont recognize items affected by Yanfly's scripts that add variance. Like the equipemtn scripts adds -5 to +5 to a weapons stats by default at random, and that throws things off. Not sure if it's the same with you but I'd try turning of Equipment Core and Item Core and whatever...
  3. Szyu's Crafting System

    Confirmed, I'm having the exact same issue.
  4. Szyu's Crafting System

    Just FYI, I was able to get my issue resolved. I was doing everything right but... well... It turns out there's a difference between "thinking" you've updated your plugins and "actually" updating your plugins. Go figure. Also, I made a modification to the layout that I'm really fond of, hope...
  5. Szyu's Crafting System

    Hm... Every time I try to run it I get an error: "Cannot read property 'forEach' of null" I can get the crafting scene to appear when I don't have any recipes, but when I try after picking up a recipe book that's where it crashes. Notes for Recipe Book: <recipe_book>category: 0w...
  6. Skill Shop

    That worked perfectly! Thanks you!!! Only thing I noticed I wish the plugin did was show you how many needed items you had. For example right now the skill shop shows "Fire Essence x10" if you need 10 Fire Essences. It would be helpful if, say you had 6 Fire Essences, for it to show "Fire...
  7. Skill Shop

    Yeah I've been trying to use this all morning and I think it's just something I'm doing wrong. I can get everything to work save the requirements. I wanted a requirement to be a certain class, so I did this: <Buy Custom Require> actor.class = "Blacksmith" </Buy Custom Require> Didn't work...

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