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  1. Need help with a few things

    Hello all I need some help with some bits I am new to rpg maker but I am trying my best to make something that's beyond normal RPG Maker affair. I am working on parrallax maps for my project and I've found some great tutorials for them. The person I saw use them said about using plugins yanfly...
  2. Yanfly plug-in resolution issues

    Is there also a way of customising the menus to look less OG while having all these Yanfly plugins in place?
  3. Yanfly plug-in resolution issues

    Hello fellow RPG creators I’m rather new to RPG maker MV I spent a fair bit of time with 2k3 a long time ago. I got a load of plugins from Yanfly but my main issue is when you do the resolution change in the core plug-in it mucks around with health bars etc in the menus. It stretches them all is...

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