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  1. Bilalichwa

    Remove State when variable stuck hit 0.

    Hi.. im using RPG MAKER MV and YEP_BattleEngineCore.js, YEP_BuffStatesCore.JS i have problem settings up skills in note (state). so i want make Poison skill can be stacking damage. Here code, i use this in state named "Poison String" <Custom Apply Effect> target._stackingPoison =...
  2. Bilalichwa

    [SOLVED]Help. How to read external .txt from github

    i watch how to read from text file in local file and I want to know, how to read the txt file that is on github I tried it but it failed. is there a way to read the txt file from github? thx...
  3. Bilalichwa

    RMMV Re-Village (Farming Game)

    Welcome to ReVillage game ReVillage is Free Game made by RPG MAKER MV. this game inspired by farming game like a HarvestMoon/StardewValley/My time at portia/etc. This game is still in the development stage aka BETA Version. if you find a bug and suggestions please leave a comment Story : A...

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