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  1. Moon_Haven

    (RMMV) Good source for battlebacks?

    Thanks Avy, much appreciated!
  2. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Top textbox in YEP_ItemCore

    Hello! Would anyone happen to know where I can find the code for the top textbox, highlighted in magenta, is? I want to modify the GUI to move the textbox to the bottom right of the screen, but can't seem to find where the code is for that one box. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Moon_Haven

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    I've just installed this plugin, please bear with me as I'm learning how it works and will probably have lots of noob questions. Is there a way to set a default indoor light instead of having an event for each indoor map that calls Plugin Command: light_bg #333541? Reasons I'm asking are: 1-...
  4. Moon_Haven

    OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    Hello! I need help with understanding how this plugin works. I can't figure how to smooth the volume up/down. What I'm trying to achieve: - Add an additional background sound layer, so I can play both the environment sounds (like a town market with chatter) and also the weather (like the rain)...
  5. Moon_Haven

    Guardinthena's MV Resources -- NEW: Hine Sprite Monster Template + Clothing

    Here's a few ideas of what it made me think of (the palette tone and all the pipes of your tileset are very appropriate for this):
  6. Moon_Haven

    Guardinthena's MV Resources -- NEW: Hine Sprite Monster Template + Clothing

    Wow, great work!! It's has a different flair than usual tilesets. In fact, with very little modifications, this tileset could be used to recreate a good portion of the Mos Eisley Cantina!
  7. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I think you're stuck with circles. Take for example a light <cl: fire 150 #ffca91>, it will light up as a circle: But the circles can be cropped by using the direction parameter. D8, for instance, crops the left and the top of the circle like this: <cl: fire 150 #ffca91 d8> I'm not sure...
  8. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    What I think you are referring to is ray casting and is very taxing on the FPS. This plugin does not do ray casting. I’m wondering if there could be a way to fake it however. For instance, when your character turns around the corner, you trigger some kind of change on the region ID that is...
  9. Moon_Haven

    SCAReStaff October 2020

    Phenomenal work, as usual. Nicely done folks and thank you for sharing with the community!
  10. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Thank you! For some reason, when downloading the master zip file on GitHub, the .js inside of it is still at rev 1.3. Downloading the .js directly gives v2.0... anywho, it works ^.^ As a side note, if anyone is interested in have a smooth day/night transition with colors that a bit more on the...
  11. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I'm confused... the one I have downloaded a couple of weeks ago says version 2.0, but the latest version on GitHub right now is 1.3. So should I use the 1.3 or the 2.0? Edit: I've installed 1.3 and the flickering seems to work. Not sure where the v2.0 went, but i'll keep it around just in case...
  12. Moon_Haven

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.66 - Update on the 8th September 2020

    @Phantasmagoric I found that creating empty folders and then dumping the files in each proper subfolder yielded much better results when trying to import with the generator. Sometimes, the generator would not recognize the folders if they were previously made. I have attached my empty folder...
  13. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Hello all! I'm wondering if I've encountered a bug, or if it's simply something not implemented in the plugin. My candles are fire flickering lights, using the event notebox <cl: fire 100 #654e00> I want my players to also be able to carry the flickering light with them, using the plugin...
  14. Moon_Haven

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.66 - Update on the 8th September 2020

    I don't think RXGE is still supported, the tool moved to RXGE2 a while ago. Folder structure has to be like this below for the generator to recognize it, and each subfolder have to have female and male: Face -Female -Male SV -Female -Male TD -Female -Male TVD -Female -Male Variation...
  15. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I got it working exactly as you've recommended. Thank you so much!
  16. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I like the idea. Thank you, I’ll implement it that way!
  17. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I'm trying to do exactly that, but using the time feature of the plugin. I could potentially run an parallel event that checks the hour of the plugin every few minutes, but that would mean adding this event to every map in my game... not impossible, but a bit clunky.
  18. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    @ImaginaryVillain How difficult would be to add days to the timer in this plugin? I thinking of adding quests that get failed if you do not complete them in time, along with other time-dependent features (blacksmith tells you to come back in 2 days to come back and pick up your new sword). Since...
  19. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Hello! I'm running the day/night cycle with this plugin. What is the proper way of keeping the clock running, without getting the lighting effect? For instance: when characters enter a house, I don't want the day/night lighting to affect the lights inside the house, but I still want to have time...
  20. Moon_Haven

    A good website for RPG audio packs (sounds, ambience, music)?

    Thanks akoniti! I've just realized that offers sounds... silly me!

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