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  1. astracat111

    Pixel-Art Upscaler - Doesn't use previous algorithms, and licensed CC0

    Hey there, it's been a while since I've been here. I've created a tool for any game developer working with pixel-art assets that's interested in upscaling, free to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes, you're not legally required to give credit or ask permission to use it. It DOES...
  2. astracat111

    Comprehensive Piano Roll, MIDI CC, Working With Sample Libraries in a DAW, Making Music With a Computer

    Recently I've created a handful of tutorials for those who are looking to get into making music using DAW software. There are 5 parts, I've included samples, I use Reason 11 but all of the principles apply to any DAW software (Logic, Reaper, Fruityloops, Pro Tools, Cakewalk or Reason) you might...
  3. astracat111

    The Harsh Truth of Gamemaking

    Agreed, and another thing you notice too, you start to age and that minimum wage job somewhere within those 7000 hours you probably would have gotten a promotion. It's an opportunity cost issue. Maybe the best way of going about it is to be like the original FF creators. They basically were at...
  4. astracat111

    What more RPG Makers should do in my opinion...

    But I don't think that could be used as an excuse not to at least try it out then, I think a lot of people might be surprised at how easy it is granted you're using a reference or even starting by tracing to get a few models down, and RPG Maker uses well...mirrored 2 frame animation, in a way...
  5. astracat111

    Assets: Better to make your own?

    You know, contrary to that other thread I made, I think it's a really good idea that if you find royalty free (to use commercially) tileset assets that include, if you're making fantasy, foliage, trees, bushes, grass, paths, dirt, rock etc...., the thing you could do is study a bit of color...
  6. astracat111

    New Project Yays and Nays

    Looking for to: Writing Characters and Story Parts + Music Dreading: Debugging/Playtesting (as in, seeing your sh*t over and over and over and over and over and over and over, and yet there's STILL that one little thing that could be better or isn't working that you've gotta dig up everything...
  7. astracat111

    The Harsh Truth of Gamemaking

    I see your point completely. On one end, the reason I'm going right now is because I am trying to get to a sizable audience. My work to be public these days takes getting to let's players, which takes messaging and e-mailing like hundreds of people to get...well...not a sizable amount of let's...
  8. astracat111

    Opening Movies/Cutscenes

    Your art seems to be really interesting, so long as you aren't hanging on one image for more than a minute I'd say it works, maybe use Wind Waker as a reference. Also, I'd say that the music has to be very very good, even have more work put into it than other songs, because first impressions are...
  9. astracat111

    What more RPG Makers should do in my opinion...

    Well, the point I was trying to make is that if you create a character generator, it's something that would last you many years, not just something that you could use in one game. But the point I'm trying to make is to create the nude models so that you can re-use the assets. The payoff in...
  10. astracat111

    What more RPG Makers should do in my opinion...

    So I've seen such good RPG Maker games over the years, I've been using it since the 2K days and Gaming World...and I have something that I'd like to suggest to RPG Makers. Firstly, RPG Maker MV right now is in my hopefully humble opinion the absolute best tool for telling story heavy games. You...
  11. astracat111

    What would be your reaction if Nintendo contacted you to add a character of your project to Smash?

    I'd be like "no, f*ck you Nintendo you greedy corporate bastards"
  12. astracat111

    So, I'm playing Final Fantasy VIII...

    It blew us away, to be honest. Games back then were nothing like movies, and the west never really took them seriously enough to make large stories, let alone stories in where you might actually cry for the characters like Final Fantasy 6. When 7 came out, as you even see from the game over...
  13. astracat111

    Dynamically outlining your plot with Google Sheets

    Great stuff, excel is such a good program for outlining
  14. astracat111

    A Stranger's Tips: The Game Designer's Manifesto

    Hey this is great stuff, thanks for this. Lots of great information, good perspective on the whole matter. : )
  15. astracat111

    Post Mortem, Team Projects and Advice to Finish your Game!

    Great advice. Recently I'm going to be looking to hire two people part-time. Like you've said, the scoping thing is very important, I feel. I have a 6-month span of money to spend for people working specifically part-time 20 hour weeks for that time. The solution to a lot of the problems you've...
  16. astracat111

    Music Theory for the Untrained/Curious.

    Whenever I make a song, if I'm singing the melody, I'm imagining a keyboard in my head, that's how I'm knowing what the hit.
  17. astracat111

    3D RPG Maker?

    After working for over 3 years I've made an SDK for Unity that can create RPGs with the ease of RPG Maker. It can create games like Xenogears with 2.5D graphics. I'm 30 years old now and worked 2 part time jobs with family and relationship issues while I was creating it full time. Was it worth...
  18. astracat111

    How to make VX Ace less framerate dependant?

    From using both VX Ace and MV, I think I remember enjoy MV due to it having a better frame rate, but then it would have performance issues (although it's been 3 years so maybe they fixed it with the updates by now).
  19. astracat111

    Mouse System Ex

    Maybe do this, it maps your keyMapper and gamepadMapper to a useless key so basically disables input (I think it's the ' key, you can map it to something else just look up javascript keydown key codes): Input.keyMapper = { 222: 'tab', // tab 222: 'ok', //...
  20. astracat111

    Mouse System Ex

    There absolutely is, I don't know how to do it just now but it is there in rpg maker's source. Watch some tutorials on how to make a plugin properly, you don't want to just edit the source code you have to change the method/function properly.

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