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  1. Fangzarie

    Scripting Help: Event Move With Player

    Hi, I have a strange possibly impossible question to ask the forums. I am looking for a way to script an event to have movement similar to the basic player follower however, I want this to be an event so that the player can turn around and speak to that event. I'm not really well versed in...
  2. Fangzarie

    Battle Voice Format Help

    I've been working with the BattleVoice.js plugin that comes with the regular list of Kadokawa Plugins if you're using the Steam version. The plugin works fine I was just trying to change it a bit the suit my needs. In my game I have added an extra skill type called "Master" that I want the...
  3. Fangzarie

    Temporarily Disabling or Hiding Items

    I've been looking around the forums all day to a fix for Hime's Inventory Core problems but have come up short. So instead I've decided that just hiding or disabling the "Item" category in the main menu would have the same affect I'm looking for, however I've run into yet another problem...
  4. Fangzarie

    Help with Inventory Core Plugin

    So I was working with Hime's Inventory Core plugin, found here and I've come across a strange error when trying to access the Shop Processing window. I'm not sure if it is a compatibility issue with Yanfly's Item Core and Shop Menu Core but as of...
  5. Fangzarie

    Inventory Core Syntax Assistance

    So, I'm using Tsukihime's Inventory Core plugin that can be found here the problem I have run into is that I can’t seem to get the inventory merge feature to work right? Do we use the numbers you have or do we place the names we created in quotes...
  6. Fangzarie

    Shoot Em' Up: Is it possible?

    Hi again my fellow makers! I'm in the mind frame to try and create an RPG style Shoot em' up or a Bullet Hell. I figured the process wouldn't be too hard but as I started to think about the components of making one of these games I ran into some problems. I'm not looking for an Undertale style...
  7. Fangzarie

    Issues With Timers

    So I've been trying to get into working with timers recently but I can't seem to get them to work. I either have one or two problems. Either the timers do not start or show up at all or the timer does not stop despite whatever conditional branch I have used. I have once tried setting up an event...
  8. Fangzarie

    Need Help with giving npc specific items

    I've seen this topic floating around in the Vx/ace forums but it's never really what I'm needing help with. I'm trying to set up a situation in which an injured npc needs multiple potions/ healing items to recover before they are healed for a quest. Over on the vx/ace forums one of the common...
  9. Fangzarie

    Guild/ Party Member Help

    I'm quite new to RPG maker and I have found a problem with the party system or rather what I need to party system to "do". What i'm trying to get is mechanics similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or any guild format in certain games like Fire Emblem. I'm trying to create a game where you can...

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