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  1. Shiro-chan

    Erasing events on map to reduce lag?

    I've tried using the scriptcall $[event_id].erase with a variable that runs in a loop to erase all 999 events on my test map, but even after they are all gone, the FPS counter is stuck at near-unusable levels. I was hoping erasing the events would actually tell the game to stop...
  2. Shiro-chan

    Force enemy to perform action on specific actor

    Hello, I have the following situation: -an enemy can perform a scan on one/two of the party's actors (out of a maximum of four) via a decision-making process: --if only one actor is available/alive, the enemy simply copies that actor's skill via the scan and then performs the skill itself (say a...
  3. Shiro-chan

    [VXA] Change skill animation based on amount of enemies

    Hello, our game has a character with several skills that affect all enemies. Since we use Yanfly Engine Ace and Yanfly Ace Battle Engine (, repeated animations don't display if the animation is "screen", but I would like...
  4. Shiro-chan

    Changing a skill's attack element based on 1 particular weapon

    Hello, I have a peculiar problem: one of my chars has 4 different weapons each with a different element of attack (they are physical, absorb, earth, and water), and I know that many skills use "Normal Attack" to change the skill's respective element based on what the weapon says. I want this...
  5. Shiro-chan

    Turning rvdata2 into txt and back

    I was wondering if rvdata2 files could be turned into some form of raw code that can be edited in a text editor like Notepad++. I need to do a fairly major overhaul in my game, so being able to do it in raw would speed it up quite a lot. Specifically I need to replace a couple faceset files with...
  6. Shiro-chan

    Startile 4-direction problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the 4 directions movement that can be set in the tileset menu. Basicly the setting works just fine for any O tiles, but it gets ignored when a * tile uses arrows - the player can go any direction at will. In my case I have a couch graphic that goes over the player...
  7. Shiro-chan

    Easy way to make "sealed skills" lists?

    Hello, I have a rather specific problem regarding sealing skills. I know that it is possible to seal a skill if an actor/enemy is affected by an equip, a status, or similar. As well, it's possible to seal an entire skill group. But what would I do if I changed the skill groups (which are, by...
  8. Shiro-chan

    Game resolution above 640x480

    Is it possible to make the game resolution in VX Ace above 640x480 without tile-upscaling? I read that it's impossible, but someone I know posted screenshots of a VX Ace game with a resolution clearly higher, so I just want to check. Is it actually possible after all? If so, how?
  9. Shiro-chan

    Change the game.exe icon

    Hello, is it possible to change the red dragon head icon of the game.exe/taskbar to something else, and if so, how? I mean this:

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