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  1. Pontifex

    Kobold Slayer (3D Dungeon Crawler)

    Game Title: Kobold Slayer Price: $4.99 Story: You are a wandering peasant, you have heard news of an ancient dungeon ruin discovered nearby a town with many hidden treasures, enough to make oneself a king. However it has also been reported that the notorious Kobolds, beasts, murderers, thieves...
  2. Pontifex

    Fit Picture To Screen Plugin

    This plugin will automatically resize a picture to any screen size DL Latest Version: Usage: FITPICTURE PICTURE_ID NAME ORIGINAL_WIDTH ORIGINAL_HEIGHT  * PICTURE_ID - the picture slot number of where...
  3. Pontifex

    Instant Sprite Sheet Creator for RPG Maker MV

    Hello, just thought I'd share this simple tool I made while working on my game to create sprite sheets. It will create sprite sheets from separate images sorted in folders based on a definition text file. It can also flip sprites if required. No more lining up images in photoshop or paint , just...

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I've signed up for a job training program for people with Asperger's Syndrome. I went to a "test run" today so they could see how well I did with simple jobs, and I amazed them. Most new people do it in 30+ minutes, while I finished in a mere 15 minutes. Gives me time to work on a screenplay for Studio MDHR...
People,I have seen that Someone from China/Chile and London is doing a Vaccine Against COVID-19.
Doing anything that yield good result in the long run is like sowing seeds. With proper care, they will grow and bear fruits. I'm excited for tomorrow. :D
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