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  1. Woratana multiple Fog's for Ace

    Okay, thankyou for sharing this anyway! :3
  2. Event Jitter Fix / Display Rounding Error Fix

    Wow! awesome! <3 needed this fix!! 
  3. Napoleon's Minimap

    The links are broken :( anyone min putting link to this demo/script? 
  4. Blackmorning Scripts

    Wow i love the Animated Column Menu Status!! :D
  5. RMVXAce Tips and Tricks

    Wow! very helpfull ^^ kudo to you!
  6. Woratana multiple Fog's for Ace

    Sorry Shaz i had a big break/lost motivation to RPGmaker and i just got back again. So i forgot all about this post, but yes i was using that script though. But that was long time ago so not sure if i still got that error since i made a new project. And also i was wondering if this script  can...
  7. How to Display Current EXP Relative to Current Level

    Hey again! Sorry for late replay! Just tested it out and works great! Thank you so much for your help,  you saved me here! :D
  8. How to Display Current EXP Relative to Current Level

    Hey Hime i was wondering if it was possible to show Total EXP below? :O Somthing like this: Current EXP To Next Level Total EXP I really love this script and it's almost what i was looking for.
  9. Special Keybinds

    Hey Vlue thanks for thi awesome script. :D How do i setup a keybind to conditional branch? If it's possible Example like this: Conditional branch: if the button :N1 being pressed down in Cond branch option Problem is i there is only those normal buttons available :( and i wanted to use...
  10. Subterranean Starfield

    Hey where can i download the game? not only the patch Edit: Found the links sorry for this post
  11. Woratana multiple Fog's for Ace

    When i transfer to another map i get this error: Script 'Woratana - Multiple Fogs' line 310: RGSSError occured. Dispose plane. Please can anyone help me, my scripting knowledge is very low
  12. Nanokan VX/Ace Stuff

    WOW! these are amazing! thanks alot for sharing these!! :)
  13. Legal to use XP tilesets?

    Thanks! :D wanted to know that before i used it just to make sure! :)
  14. Legal to use XP tilesets?

    Hey i wanted to know if its allowed to use RPG Maker XP tilesets in RPG Maker VX Ace  hope to hear from you guys
  15. RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    wow you're a legend! thanks a bunch for sharing
  16. XS - Menu Delux

    I'm getting an error when i open item option "N" tool in Falcao Pearl ABS i get an error Script '- Pearl Scene's line 660: NoMethodError occurred- undefined method 'color' for nil:NilClass I really like this menu! :/ can anyone help me give me a hint to what to do, i have no scripting skill...
  17. Trading Posts

    Awesome as always! this is wicked!
  18. Basic Quest System

    You're a legend!! :D thanks a  bunch for sharing this!
  19. Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    Thanks!!! :D
  20. Simple Farming System

    Thanks very usefull! :D

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