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  1. King Galaxian

    Iceberg Bridge Over Water Charset MV

    Hey, I have a rather unique request. You see, I have an idea for the storyline in an rpg I've been working on for years. My character has the ability to control ice, and to form it by force of will. He needs to get into a castle to take on his evil adversary, but the only way to get to the...
  2. King Galaxian

    Business Suit Icon For MV

    I need a business suit icon for rpg maker mv, as the title implies. Just an ordinary suit and tie. If there's already one out there, could someone link me to it? I want it in with a transparent background, and in full color, like the icons for most of the older rpg makers were. And I need it to...
  3. King Galaxian

    A Windowskin

    Hey all! I posted a thread in the resource requests section months ago asking for a celtic lattice border for my windowskin for my rpg, The Lost Memoirs. One person offered to help if no one else did, but I have yet to hear back from them months later. So, I took it upon myself to make one...
  4. King Galaxian

    Celtic Lattice Border for Windowskin MV

    I need an edit done of the attached windowskin that I edited by mixing together multiple windowskins. What I need changed is the border in the upper right side of the windowskin. I need a border made that resembles Celtic Lattice. Like in this picture: But I need it in a sort of white...
  5. King Galaxian

    Black Leather Jacket Icon

    Hello, I was hoping for a black leather jacket icon for rpg maker MV. I've looked everywhere I know to look, and as far as I know, no one has made one yet. If anyone here knows where I can find one, then I'd appreciate it if you could link me to it. Any help would be much appreciated. I don't...
  6. King Galaxian

    Help Finding A Set Of Resources For Ace

    Could someone please take a look at my request at <snip>?
  7. King Galaxian

    Special Ammo Script

    Hey, I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I'm currently using Asagi's Gun License as an ammo script for vx ace. The big problem I have is that It makes it so the character using ammo can't use any weapon without ammo. What I need is a new script that's simple to use and that still let's...

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