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  1. Zack Phoenix

    Hime Grid Battle Engine MZ

    This honestly looks really cool. I hope I can use this in the future to recreate a Darkest Dungeon-esque battle system ! can't wait for the push, pull and location-specific skills!
  2. Zack Phoenix

    Is there an interest in an art workshop with custom face graphics of the RTP characters? I wanna...

    Is there an interest in an art workshop with custom face graphics of the RTP characters? I wanna give back to the community as an artist
  3. Zack Phoenix


    Gonna wait for reviews of the program before I make a choice. Pre-Orders have long since been "fanboy only" no-gos for me. Looking forward to everyone's opinions.
  4. Zack Phoenix

    Move Camera with Mouse

    This is gonna be essential for any game using one of the tactical combat plugins! And just super useful all around. Thanks!
  5. Zack Phoenix

    Dynamic music plugin for MV?

    I second this. Dynamic music is an amazing feature that can really elevate a game's sound design. Games like Monkey Island and Banjo Kazooie did this for example. A simple plugin to switch between songs without starting from the beginning would be awesome.
  6. Zack Phoenix

    Skills behave differently against certain enemies

    I was planning to use Action Sequences anyway so this seems to be the best way to do it. Thank you very much BlackGoldSaw
  7. Zack Phoenix

    Skills behave differently against certain enemies

    Thanks guys, I wasn't aware of that formula! That'll do exactly what I need. edit: Is it possible to put damage calculated by a formula into the common event? I need the damage to apply after the common event passes, if I put it into the skill formula, it applies right before.
  8. Zack Phoenix

    Skills behave differently against certain enemies

    I'm looking for some input here because my game uses a combat system that involves physical and verbal attacks. If, say, the skill "Insult" is being used, enemy A is gonna answer with one message while enemy B is gonna answer with another. (a bit like in Undertale if you're familiar with that...
  9. Zack Phoenix

    Tonbi's material factory

    Nice work on these Tonbi! Loving them!
  10. Zack Phoenix

    Skill Trees System

    This looks great. I have been looking for a nice, simple skill tree plugin forever, thank you very much for your work!
  11. Zack Phoenix

    NPC Dialogue Shop

    This looks great! A neat way to make shops and NPCs feel unique. Thanks for the great plugin! Oh, I would also be really interested in the request made by @Guardinthena to add different pictures for the shopkeeper when you buy, take too long etc. , that would give the shopkeepers even more...
  12. Zack Phoenix

    Navash Flat Value Gauge Sections (YEP_SectionedGauges Addon)

    Great plugin, thanks! This is what gauge sections are supposed to be there for! I have seen this in League of Legends and it's a great way to tell the difference in HP at first glance even though the gauge itself is the same size.
  13. Zack Phoenix

    Stat Polygon

    This is so simple yet so awesome and helps to show players information in a way that lets them immediately distinguish strengths and weaknesses. This would be awesome for element resistances etc. too! Thanks and great job! Edit: I do seem to have a problem. Showing the stats on level 1 seems...
  14. Zack Phoenix

    Override Database Name

    Very, very useful and I will definitely make use of this handy little plugin.
  15. Zack Phoenix

    Small change in Galv's Magic Shards

    You looking into this even though you're quite busy means a lot, thank you very much Galv. This thread can be closed now
  16. Zack Phoenix

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Amazing work, Avy! I now officially adore your icons AND sprites. I'm not a big horse and/or dog fan but for a medieval RPG it is sure handy to have some diversity when it comes to those. You were asking for some suggestions a few pages back so I thought maybe we could all need more diverse...
  17. Zack Phoenix

    Dragon Age-style crafting?

    I totally understand - I wouldn't be able to make a call either. But you could head to the commercial section where people offer their services for a price and see what this sort of request usually costs :rwink:
  18. Zack Phoenix

    Small change in Galv's Magic Shards

    Maybe it's best to try out the demo that Galv provided. There you can see how they work - they're notetagged armors and weapons. So yeah, they're items that you equip into certain slots.
  19. Zack Phoenix

    Dragon Age-style crafting?

    Maybe coders would be more willing to try for some sort of compensation.
  20. Zack Phoenix

    Small change in Galv's Magic Shards

    So unfortunately adding the term in line 960 didn't change anything. Any other ideas? I would be thankful for anyone's help.

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