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  1. Lag while playtesting?

    Thank you. I had Malware somehow. I removed it and now it works perfectly! Don't know why I didn't even think of that.
  2. Lag while playtesting?

    The lag is in battle tests as well as playtests. I have no events that have gone off and it is still there. I also have no parallel events set on this project yet. EDIT: I also haven't added any events to the game at all for over a week. I've been simply working on writing story out and adjust...
  3. Lag while playtesting?

    I added Yanfly's new CTB battle script. However, I tested after adding this and there were no issues. This was a few days back. Today I went to test a battle and that's when I first noticed the issue. It became even more apparent after doing a playtest. I've also turned off all plugins and hit...
  4. Play Test Huge FPS Loss?

    I'm having the same issue as you except that making a new project seemed to fix the lag. I've tested with no plugins turned on and I still have massive lag while play testing. This just started happening to me. Everything was working fine after my last playtest a couple of days ago and I've...
  5. Lag while playtesting?

    So everything has been working great up until today. No issues. Then suddenly when I go in and do a battle test or a full play test, everything is going 25%-50% slower than it has been. This is really noticeable while moving and running in game. Running is slower now than normal movement was...
  6. JP Levels

    Awesome! This is amazing. Thank you for all your work on it :)
  7. JP Levels

    Ahh well it seems to be working for me now xD for what I'm using it for anyway.  One question I have, is it possible to make it so that you can change the "JP Level" text in the menu to something without changing the name of JP in Yanfly's script? I'd like it to show up as "Job Level" but still...
  8. JP Levels

    Awesome thanks so much. This seems to be exactly what I was looking for. The only issue I'm having now, is that I want Class 1 to be JP level 2 in order to unlock class 3. So I have the note tag on class 3 as: <Level Unlock Requirements> Class 1: JobLevel 2 </Level Unlock Requirements> But...
  9. JP Levels

    Sorry for the noob question, but does this plugin allow my jobs to gain levels at a different rate than my characters? So that I can have separate levels? That's what I've been looking for. 
  10. Changing TP to a variable?

    Hey guys I'm pretty new to the RM scene and I just had a quick question. I want a type of 'Limit Break' system in my game. The easiest way to accomplish this seems to be to use TP to me. Now I know I can go in and adjust the TP given for certain actions like basic attack and skills. But is there...
  11. Didn't want to buy on Steam. Was forced to anyway

    Thanks for the help guys. I guess I'm glad that I bought it on Amazon so I have my key handy xD
  12. Didn't want to buy on Steam. Was forced to anyway

    It does??? How do I get the offline version? Sorry if that's a stupid question. EDIT: It was indeed. I never use steam and I had no idea about offline mode. Thank you for responding to my dumb question anyway xD
  13. Didn't want to buy on Steam. Was forced to anyway

    I hope this is in the right forum. I'm very new here.  Anyway, I tried to buy RMMV through this site at first and it would not let me. It declined it using 4 different cards. Finally I was forced to find other places to purchase the game. I did NOT want to purchase it on Steam because I will be...

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