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  1. After 3 hours I made it...

    Before anything; my only java coding experience is from code academy first 2 or 3 courses... from 6 months ago. I also don't know MV terms even though there are very useful lists they don't always have the example you need. So I was trying to create a skill check for a variable to be usable...
  2. Opinions and Question...?

    Simple discussion about what the ideal settings of a game would be for you, if a discussion like this was ever created them I am sorry, I am fairly sure many of them were asked in help sections though. l-Rare drops... should normal monsters drop them or only bosses and what should the rates...
  3. Heal empowerement...?

    How can I make an item boost a skill effectiveness? I've been trying to figure something for a while but can't seem to find a solution. I have many of Yanfly's plugins (would be shorter to say which I don't have if a list is really requested... yeah...) Would I need to make it so the item...
  4. When enemy Max HP is increased it isn't full at battle start

    Basically what the title says. I made varying difficulty settings which used to work in another project though in that one for unknown reasons the enemies HPs aren't full and if I add an "enemy recover all" it reverts their stats to the original ones. Anyone know of a fix to this? For now I...
  5. Facial mask for MV

    I had a mask looking a bit like Bane's mask ((Bane from Batman) it was in one of the accessories tab of MV Character Generator) but completely reinstalled MV due to lag issues and didn't think about saving the resources. I've been searching for it for days but no good results are showing up...
  6. Lag or?

    I noticed that usually a skill such as Poison Cloud would hit about once every 2 actions (allies and enemies included), sometimes it would not hit for 3-4 actions then it would hit 2-3hits in a row in the same turn... how is that? Is it wanted or somehow my game is lagging? I do not see lag...
  7. Teleporting item showing map name

    Okay so I made an item which the player can use to save a custom location to teleport to then use it again to teleport back to that point. So far so good everything works but in the teleport options it shows as "1" "2" "3" etc (I set it to that) because I cant figure out how to make the game...
  8. Event stops on text pop up

    Is there a way to stop the events stopping when a "show text" window open? I had it working in another project and looked at the code but there's nothing special in there, it just doesnt stop. Basically I have chickens walking around and would simply like for them to keep moving, the other...
  9. Character selection and image?

    So I made a character selection at the start of the game but not I would like to know how can I make it so the face of said character shows up in the chat box (show text)? The only way I can think of is either adding a variable to the character choices or a switch but then I would have to check...
  10. Easy way to erase a color in tileset

    Anyone knows of an easy way to erase a color in a tileset? I simply want to erase some white color which makes the tile disappear completely but I don't want to erase it all manually as it would take a while... I do not have Photoshop, but I do have mangastudio as well as gimp (and well, paint...).
  11. Parallax image issue

    I'd want to screenshot two maps and merge them together, one is the ground and other is details. (details somehow makes the ground disappear and leaves the tile empty under it) After a few attempts it wasn't giving me the results I was hoping for but then I noticed the "save as image" option...
  12. Class level limit OR custom name saver(?)

    Hello scripters and everybody! I would like a script which would allow me to limit the levels of certain classes without affecting the character as whole. Example: First class is Soldier, level limit of 40 at which point it can't level up anymore until changing class. Player changes to the...
  13. Class based equipment?

    I have custom items sprites and will create custom classes which are an advanced form of the existing classes. For example; Soldier can become a Knight. Here I have two problems... Is there a way to make it so the Knight can equip Soldier and Knight equipments but the Soldier can't equip Knight...
  14. How to change class at a certain level?

    I'd like to have a character change class after it reaches a certain only. Say the soldier is limited to level 30, once he hits that limit he could change class by talking to a NPC/doing a quest. Where I'm stuck is how do I make the NPC check the character's level? I tried adding a common event...

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