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  1. xein

    Luna Engine Base errors

    Hi, This is from a fresh unzip downloaded from the forum store. Problem1 Happens when I go into battle. Problem2 Happens when I talk to the name change event. Seems like for both problems the graphics are missing. I tried to find the script responsible for the sideview battle? in...
  2. xein

    Battle Party member class check.

    Hi, please, I need a script that will check the classes of the actors in the battle party when called. In my game there are about 50 classes and the battle party will have 3 to 5 actors. So eventing it will be near impossible. What the script should do: run using script call ...
  3. xein

    Actor class depends on weapon equip

    I need a script where when the player changes an actor's weapon in the equip scene, the actor's class will change depending on the weapon's notetag.  e.g <classchange:1> This should take effect in the equip scene and change equipment events. Since all class will use the same weapon types, I...
  4. xein

    Gamepad input

    I'd like to request a script that extends the gamepad input. VX and VXA have a gamepad input with 10 buttons but only allows 8 input (<,>,^,v,A,B,X,Y,L,R). This input limitation problem was remedied using the keyboard extended input in VX. However, I'd like to have this gamepad input for...

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