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  1. schulliya

    [SOLVED] Holding CTRL makes it possible to cross walls. How to fix this?

    I don't have an idea for what is causing this, nor how to fix... It isn't plugin related, because I turned all of them off and I can still cross walls while holding CTRL. Please help.:kaocry:
  2. schulliya

    Only one character following the player?

    Hi there! There's this feature that the whole party would follow the player around, but I want to make a pet, that will not battle, following the player. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks in advance! Luv ya :kaohi: I thought about making the pet an actor, but I don't want it inside the battle.
  3. schulliya

    I messed up and deleted Generator's folder. Is there a way to recover it?

    Hi, I Shift+Delete'd my MV's Character Generator folder. I own a legit RPG Maker MV, that I bought through Steam. Is there a way to download it back? Thanks in advantage.
  4. schulliya

    <Solved> MOG_Weather_EX - Game crashing

    The game crashes and displays this error as soon as I load the script. Please help. EDIT: I fixed it. It wasa conflicting with Terrax Lighting. I just needed to put Terrax's plugin before Mog's.
  5. schulliya

    [Solved] How can I show a picture when a button is pressed down?

    I'm using this common event, but the picture flickers when I press PageUp. I turned the switch on at the beggining of the game.
  6. schulliya

    "Change Transparency" not working

    EDIT: NEVERMIND, I DISCOVERED IT IS BECAUSE I'M STUPID. It should be OFF to make me visible. Hi guys, the Event Command "Change Transparency" is not making my character visible or invisible. Please help. Here is my event page. I checked "Start Transparent" on Database menu.
  7. schulliya

    How can I pass behind A3 and A4 tiles? They do not accept the star, only O and X.

    I want to walk behind buildings
  8. schulliya

    D tiles not showing up when I run the game

    These pink and red flowers are in the D tileset tab. They show up in the editor but not in the game :(
  9. schulliya

    Battler request from TV sprite

    Hello! I'd like someone to make a battler file to me using these clothes. I may pay if the price is not too high ^^

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