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  1. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    It's Project Compass' birthday! o_O Happy birthday to me Project Compass! :cool: Naturally this occasion comes with a new update, and what an update it is! The characters in the game are now taller and no longer defaultly chibi, which I'm very excited about. I have updated the screenshots here...
  2. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    Version 1.03 is out now! The new version brings with it improvements to the aesthetics of the game and also makes the game a little better of an experience overall. The full list of improvements is readable here...
  3. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    I reached out to @NikorasuWatosan and he uploaded an entertaining review of my game. Through watching this video you'll also learn what the difference between Detective Conan and Conan the Barbarian is, if there is any, and if Zone energy drink's Firewall flavor tastes any different from their...
  4. Cerule

    Banners changing throughout game, based on player choice?

    Looks like you also need the Extended Doodad pack for it to become an option! So get that one and it'll show up in the same place where you can adjust the hue, opacity, etc. if you scroll down a little. On topic, in hindsight eventing is definitely the better way to go in TC's case. With...
  5. Cerule

    Banners changing throughout game, based on player choice?

    I would look into Yanfly's Doodads plugins and see if they suit your needs. You can insert objects into your maps and have them appear or disappear based on if, for example, a switch is turned on or off.
  6. Cerule

    How to fade out right after a battle?

    I sometimes have trouble with this too and I think the solution I'm using currently just about does it in a satisfactory manner but iirc the wrong screen still shows up for a very short period of time. You could also try fading out the screen and working your magic before the fight and see if...
  7. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    Oh, trust me, there's more ;) My game makes use of tropes but with the intention of subverting them and putting my own spin on them. I have also intentionally tried to keep the description of my game as vague as possible so as not to spoil anything. You should try playing the very first minute...
  8. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    PROJECT COMPASS DEMO SYNOPSIS Woe betide men who no longer reach out with the hands that they have been given. Project Compass Demo is a plot- and character-driven adventure in the style of traditional turn-based Japanese role-playing games. Much care has gone into the storytelling and also...

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