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  1. whotfisjojo

    play ME for title music instead of BGM?

    is there a way to play an ME for the title music instead of a BGM? i dont want the song to loop for the title thanks! :0)
  2. whotfisjojo

    what kind of titles makes you give games a chance?

    ive heard people say simplicity is key such as "within" some like gibberish like "wamzo ka-zamzo" while others say the prefer the old fashion "heroman: the legend of the bird" i cant decide because most of the time i just choose what seems fitting of the theme/art (or if it just sounds funny :0)...
  3. whotfisjojo

    game over death state conditional branch not working

    hello, im using galv's "actor duel mini game" script and its perfect i have no problems with the script itself however ive stumbled across a problem when the "fight" is over i tried to use this conditional branch "cond branch: if (main character/player) [death] is inflicted: @> game over @>...
  4. whotfisjojo

    scene manager call not working?

    i was trying to make it so when you pressed 'x' or 'esc' instead of the menu opening it automatically opens the item menu- which worked- but upon opening it, it would close did i somehow mess this up? please let me know! thanks! :0)
  5. whotfisjojo

    common event actor graphic change with actor problem

    Hi everyone! I was able to make a parallel process common event that successfully changed the 1st actor's graphic with a conditional branch when the 2nd actor joined the party. However, a problem arose: I can no longer sprint once the 2nd actor joined as it constantly updates the player graphic...
  6. whotfisjojo

    global text code problem

    hi there! ive been testing out a few scripts and i'm really loving this one but in battle it doesnt seem to work? its the Global Text Codes by modern algebra could someone explain this to help me figure it out? thank you so much! EDIT: im not sure how to delete posts but ive figured the source...
  7. whotfisjojo

    Help with Enemy Scan Script

    The script I'm currently using is the CP Enemy Scan script by Neon Black and I would really appreciate some help with it: What I'm trying to do is remove the Weakness/Resistance window entirely such as in 2nd pic. I tried doing it myself and could only get as far as I could in the 2nd picture...
  8. whotfisjojo

    Actor Specific Event not working?

    I'm having trouble making this event not happen if it's a different actor! I've made sure that the actors are set to 1 and 2 but for some reason the variable doesn't work and this event keeps playing despite switching the second actor to be the leader player. If you see anything wrong with this...
  9. whotfisjojo

    Simple Animated Title?

    Hi, I was looking for a script that could be able to animate two frames (and loop them) for the title screen, and I couldn't find anything. I've tried Moghunter's scripts, but they didn't seem to work for what I was looking for. (Moghunter's had all the extra added particle effects, which I...
  10. whotfisjojo

    "Equip and Un-Equip" a specific Item?

    Is it possible? The character is a vampire so the item I want to give him is an umbrella so he wont burn in the sun. However, since it is a large sprite, I want it to be able to "change actor graphic", so his sprite will change to the umbrella holding spritesheet I created for this specifically...
  11. whotfisjojo

    Different Text Sounds for Different Characters?

    I'm using Moby's Text SE script for giving each letter of a message a sound and it works perfectly. Exceeding my expectation with the added bonus of randomly pitching different letters. My question is: Is it possible to change the sound for different characters, so it'll sound like they have...
  12. whotfisjojo

    Give keys/item to only certain characters? [SOLVED!!]

    Hi, I'm a little new so I could just be missing something, but I'm trying to give only certain characters their own key/item. I have a character who is smart, a character who is strong, and one that is kind, so I'm trying to make it so that you can only "solve" a puzzle if you switch players to...

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