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  1. RMMV yanfly STB completly nullifies Actions + parameter

    is there any way to let the Action + parameter still work even with STB battling on?
  2. RMMV plugin that lets skills have timing bonus

    is there such a plugin that has a little timing minigame for bonus damage? akin to the Mario and Luigi series (probably simpler though)
  3. RMMV Yanfly animated sideview enemies use only 1 attack animation

    wow thanks! this is useful! though, I'm wondering if i can specify if an attack can specify "stab" "swing" ect. that way I can make anims for those attacks and such
  4. How do I trigger an event stop by leaving the area?

    Have you tried making the area you escape to turn on a switch that turns the enemy off?
  5. RMMV Yanfly animated sideview enemies use only 1 attack animation

    This might not be a thing the plugin can do, but im sure i can make an animated enemy do different animations per attack, right?? Ive been trying to put animation note tags in the skills themselves but it doesnt do anything, am i just doing it wrong or is it not a thing?
  6. Force Random Action

    where do I put smoothTarget @Solar_Flare ?
  7. Force Random Action

    i did this
  8. Force Random Action

    Thanks!! I think I understand, although when I put it in it didn't exactly work, maybe i dont know where to put the script?
  9. Force Random Action

    Ooo thanks thanks, but is there a way to make it force the action on a random enemy, or whatever enemy was targeted?
  10. Force Random Action

    Where do i put the variables, and what does each number mean :0?
  11. Force Random Action

    So I made this item called "D20" which lets you use a move in battle that rolls the D20, I wanted to make the user (actor 2, only she can equip it so thats not an issue) forced to use a random action, and I thought i was onto something when I realized "Force Action" doesn't take variables.. so...

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