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  1. Transfer method

    Sorry, should haver added that the instructions also had it set to 'parallel'! Many thanks for your comment, it was exactly they type of information I was looking for. I am eventually aiming for a larger RPG style game, so this method definitely seems like something to avoid at my level...
  2. Transfer method

    Hi all Just a quick question regarding transfer methods from one map to another. I'm going through the 'Make a 2d RPG in a Weekend' book and he uses a transfer method of: Control Variables: #0019 X = Map X of Player Control Variables: #0020 Y = Map Y of Player If: X = 55 If: Y = 42...
  3. List of choices/questions in dialogue

    Thank you, it's really helpful to see what you've done :-)
  4. List of choices/questions in dialogue

    Hi zzmmorgan I'm just going through and trying the various options, but could you give an example of this please. It sounds like it'll save a lot of time for me as my game will be very heavy with choices, but I'm unsure how I would do this?
  5. List of choices/questions in dialogue

    Thanks, I'll give those other options a test run and see how they work.
  6. List of choices/questions in dialogue

    Hi all Sorry, another newbie question I've not been able to find the answer to via searching forums and Googling. In a dialogue I have with my MC and an NPC, there's a long exchange and then a list of questions for the MC to ask (I've used show choices for this). However, after the first...
  7. Changing visible party members between scenes/maps?

    Great - thank you!
  8. Changing visible party members between scenes/maps?

    Hi all Question as the title - My intro has a cut scene in which I have two party members talking, they will then get attacked and rescued by a new party member. I then transport them to a new map (hospital), where the MC will end up doing exploring by themselves. How do I change my...
  9. How to edit VisuStella tile?

    That's great, thank you both for doing the edit and also explaining what you've done - it's really helpful! :-)
  10. How to edit VisuStella tile?

    I did wonder at first if it was shadows, but thought it looked more ivy-ish! That would be great, many thanks :-)
  11. How to edit VisuStella tile?

    Perfect, thanks again! :-)
  12. How to edit VisuStella tile?

    Ah, that's great! Thank you explaining how you did it. What programme did you use?
  13. How to edit VisuStella tile?

    Hopefully I'm asking this in the right forum? Newbie question, so sorry if there's an obvious answer! I'm using the tileset from VisuStella's plugin game and think it's amazing. However, as I'm making large wasteland type maps, the ivy on the bottom right of the rock formation looks really out...
  14. MZ Survival Options

    Great, thanks for the replies and pointers :)
  15. MZ Survival Options

    I was just starting to get into making my first practise game in MV when MZ came out, so thought I may as well jump into MZ and really like it so far. However, I'm still getting to grips with RPG maker in general, so I'm hoping someone may have some pointers for me regarding putting in survival...

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