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  1. com_sho

    Japanese Style characters for MV Generator

    Terms of Service: Since these are parts edited from original MV parts you will need a legal copy in order to use these. CREDITS: comsho &KADOKAWA  RPG Maker MV RTP. Free for non-commercial and commercial use.  DOWNLOAD
  2. com_sho

    The Traditional Japanese houses.

    DOWNLOAD for MV user. TERMS OF USE : This tileset free for use with free and commercial RPG Maker MV games. Credit:As you like. Sample
  3. com_sho

    Splatter HORROR HOUSE [@ _@]

    This house is notable as the site of a the cruel murder...... Own legal cop(ies) of RMMV Only to be used in RPGmaker games. free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games character Ghost
  4. com_sho

    Tileset* Dangerous Neighborhood in MV

    Usage: 100% Free for Personal and Commercial Use. Credits: Com_sho Sample
  5. com_sho

    Japanese-style Sideview battlers

    Terms of Use   If you use face set, you need to licence for RPG Maker MV or RPG tkool MV.  These are free for non-commercial or commercial games. Face set Sideview battlers You can modify, distribute, repost, and use the side view battlers images. Use this if you want !  

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