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  1. Pocketmole

    Pocketmole's pile of visual debris.

    I've been skulking around this community for a couple of weeks now and I thought it was time for me to introduce myself with a small art post. One of these days I hope to paint a custom tileset,  but I've yet to find a good guide on how to go about it. For now I'm just going to dump a bunch of...
  2. Pocketmole

    Animated picture through parallel process doesn't restart upon reentering the room.

    This is my first post here. I spent a while trying to figure out a solution on my own but I'm stumped and decided it was time for me to call upon the experts for assistance. First off I'll just say that I've been using RPG Maker for less than 2 weeks and my event creation and scripting skills...

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It's winter :")
I was stunned-STUNNED-to find that I have been working on my current project since November. It feels like so much less time than that.
Stream will be live shortly with some art! Going to do a recolor, then start on a new monster! Feel free to drop by!
I've been busy working on other projects this month so I haven't been able to do much towards finishing the prep work for my RPG, but I did brainstorm some interesting ideas for the game.
redrawing one of three my VNM protags

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