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  1. TenTranVN

    Events will continue to work when opening the menu

    When opening the menu, the event will stop and it is not really good for puzzle games. Is there any way to open the menu but the event still works?
  2. TenTranVN


    How to exporting to Android 1.I used the xilefian way, but I got a big problem. I can not create the "asses" file in the "apps" 2.I will use the MBTY way, it seems okay with Offline project, but my project is Online project, it can not login (Nelderson code) 3.I have used Web2apk Builder...
  3. TenTranVN

    Menu no PAUSE Game

    I want to open the menu when everything is still active and moving (NPC, Time Variable ) hm.... Can someone help me? RPG Maker MV 1.6.1

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