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  1. Tool for remove unused variables and swtiches in VX Ace

    There is a program called RMTool for RM2k and RM2k3, which scans RPG Maker games for missing files and gives instructions on how we can fix them. My project is pretty huge, and I want to be sure, that I didn't left any unused variables, switches, events in the final product. The problem is, that...
  2. Priority Queue, Skew Heap, Fibonacchi heap for A* pathfinder

    I would like to optimise my A* pathfinder by storing it's open list in a priority queue. As far as I know, Ruby - and RGSS3 - does not have a priority queue implementation in its standard library. Sadly, I'm not an expert in scripting, so I would really appreciate, if somebody could help me...
  3. My game starts lagging if the map is too large

    Sorry if I'm posting my thread in a wrong topic, but since Im still new I still need some time to adapt the structure of the site. I have a huge project, where I make a pathfinder in RGSS3. So my problem is, if my dungeon is big ( for example 100x50 tiles), and the pathfinder event is far...
  4. Spaceship operator in RGSS3

    So the other day I wondered, that is it possible to use the combined comparison operator (alias the spaceship operator <=> ) in my RGSS3 script without including the Comparable module? I ran a basic experiment and it turned out that I could indeed run my game without including it, there was...
  5. Dropping objects to block path

    I'm currently working on a project where a monster is chasing the main character through a labirinth and the player can get an item which will transfer him to another labirinth filled with other monsters I ask your help to help me making a script, if the player pushes a button then...
  6. Dropping objects to block path

    I'm currently working on a project where a monster is chasing the main character through a labirinth. I would like to make script (or an event mechanism), if the player pushes a button then automatically drops an object - or an item from his inventory - just front of himself to block the...

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