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  1. game_stailer94

    Programm Icon (for a RMMV Tool)

    Hey, I´m looking for someone willing to make me an Icon for my Quest Editor: because my tool is also for mac I need at least a 512x512 icon, in any fomat (i can convert to icns and ico for myself) Feel free to display what you think will fit the most, but it should somehow display...
  2. game_stailer94

    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    So because Gameus made a Quest System with potential, I recreated the Editor and Fixed the JS Plugin. Version: 1.3.3 Windows Smartscreen may Warn you. Mac Gatekepper will tell you that the app is from an Untrusted Developer, sadly 100% Compatible with Gameus JS Plugin...
  3. game_stailer94

    [Tool] RPG Maker MV Translation Tool

    Hello all, One Short Story why I created this tool: I started Developing my Game in German, then i realised that it would be better if i had it in English, the Problem was that i allready had about 100+ events with enormous amounts of Text. After Some online Search for a Translation...

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