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  1. PianoJam

    Border - Chapter I - The Music!

    Thank you very much, Elenstria. A lot of thought has gone into creating pieces of music that suit and compliment the area or event it will be used for. So I'm glad that others are enjoying the music and that it doesn't just sound right only in my head! I'm sure once the demo of Border comes out...
  2. PianoJam

    Border - Chapter I - The Music!

    Thank you very much! I will pass on the compliments on the artwork to Gray. Whilst I'm here, I might as well mention that I now have a new MIDI keyboard which has, apart from anything else, pressure sensitivity. In short, this means the texture of the piano parts in particular will sound a LOT...
  3. PianoJam

    - Border - The game you`ll never play!

    Hi Gray, and everyone else. I'm Jam, Gray's partner in crime, and I'm doing all the music for Border. Hope you don't mind me barging in  :) I have come to give a sneak peek video of some of the music i've created thus far: This is it's dedicated thread: Border - Music topic
  4. PianoJam

    Border - Chapter I - The Music!

    Hello everyone, I'd like to briefly introduce myself - I'm Jam, and I am creating all the music assets for Grayborder's project: Border. I have produced a video which at long last shows for the first time to the public, some of the music I have been making thus far for the game. I am working...

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