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  1. ydoolb

    RMVX NetherQuest (version 0.84)

    Hey-hey, congrats for a new version released! I hope you will continue developing it even futher. This game one of unique in rm games - old-school westren style crpg. I advise everyone at least trying to play it.
  2. ydoolb

    Dungeons & Dragons Collection Thread [21MAR16]

    I'm apalogize in advance for another resurection post, but i'm curious if anybody have demos of KlausAidon Bones of Contention or BishoujoHelper The Bard's Lore: The Warrior and The Dragon? They (authors) both nowhere around, use dropbox and both of thiers projects links are dead. And they...
  3. ydoolb

    DSI Advanced Tone System

    Great work, m8)
  4. ydoolb

    Medieval Diseased Town

    Looks awesome
  5. ydoolb

    Sards' Maps for you!

    Well, maping not my best part, so i surely PM you soon)
  6. ydoolb

    [Tool] Resize Enable

    I'm hope i'm not necroposting (sicne this tread is sticky) but this little program is actuall very useful.
  7. ydoolb

    Freebies Suggestions

    Second chests) But we need more sci-fi stuff!
  8. ydoolb

    First Peek - Medieval Plague Bringers

    Looking good)
  9. ydoolb

    Kazzador's Fantasy Sprites

    Very nice sprites)
  10. ydoolb

    RMMV Our Story Should: A Fantasy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure RPG

    It sounds so nice. I'm going to play it for sure.
  11. ydoolb

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Well, this is great scipt, thank you)
  12. ydoolb

    Frozen Dream - A NES like game made in 5 days

    Thank you for this)
  13. ydoolb

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds

    Woah, your game looks amazing) Please, continue to work on)
  14. ydoolb

    Actor Generator

    Very interesting idea! Thank you for the script.
  15. ydoolb

    RMMV Felth : Hail Lorsynth (Long Term Hiatus)

    Woah! This is looking awesome)
  16. ydoolb

    8-Bit Perfect Collection

    Great music, price not so much:(
  17. ydoolb

    RMMV "The Tavern" looks for betatesters

    Well, looks very interesting) if you need more beta-testers - i want to join)
  18. ydoolb

    Simple disappearing platform tutorial

    Nice tutorial) Thank You)
  19. ydoolb

    FREE Playtesters Unite!

    Well, I'd love help!)

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