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  1. Ship passability

    Hi all! I want to control boat and ship passability more precisely. How can I achieve the following: Make the whirlpool and deep ocean passable by the ship, but not shallow ocean Make shallow ocean passable by the boat, but not the deep ocean Thanks!
  2. How can I efficiently check for completion of long term goals?

    When the player achieves certain goals, I add items to his inventory. What is the most efficient way to check completion of goals that could be completed at any time? Here are some examples: Specified character reaches level 25 Specified character learns 10th spell Equip a specified character...
  3. How can I disable poison slip damage on certain maps?

    Yep. I wasn't smart enough to understand this when I first read it, but it's the right answer. Thanks Hesufo! Edit: If this is necroposting/against the rules, I'm sorry, but this topic is solved. I just didn't know it back in May.
  4. How can I add a sound effect to Yanfly's Event Window script?

    Hi all! I'm using this script by Yanfly: It's nice, but would be perfect if I could play a SE each time item/gold/etc is received. Would anyone happen to have an idea how to add that feature to it? Thanks!
  5. Move Route Script

    Hi everyone! I am getting a bit sick of the way Move Routes appear in the Event box and how cumbersome it can be to make them. I'd really like to be able to, within the Move Route, put something in the "Script..." box like "ROUTE_MOVE_UP = 10" and that would take the place of: Move Up Move...
  6. Questions about customizing Yanfly's Battle Engine...

    Hi everyone! I need some help getting battles to go down the way I want... I've recently been experimenting with Yanfly's Battle-related scripts. There's a steep learning curve to all of this, so I'm hoping an expert can give me some guidence. I have three questions. #1 My characters don't...
  7. How can I push a rock on a switch?

    Hi everyone. I want the player to be able to push a boulder on a switch. It seems like it would be really easy: Set the switch to below characters and the rock to same layer. But no... I guess two events don't want to occupy the same tile. What can I do to force the boulder onto the switch...
  8. How can I 'Set Event Location' using 'Script...'?

    Hi everyone! I want to use 'Set Event Location' inside of a Custom Move Route for an event. To do this, I think I will need to use 'Script...'. My question is: What is the comparable script for Set Event Location (x,y). Note: The event with the custom move route will be the one being set to...
  9. Weird bug involving states...

    Hi everyone! Something crazy is going on in my game. It affects every battle. After you kill enemies, they re-emerge momentarily. Plus, if a player guards, they immediately go insane. If I replace my 'States' file with the default one for new projects, the problem goes away. My hunch is that...
  10. How can I play a repeating sound when party HP low?

    Hi all! I want to give the player a chance to heal before they die due to walking on lava or from poison damage. That's such a lame way to get a Game Over. Think Super Metroid (if you know the reference). When the party's HP is running below, say 20%, I'd like a warning bell to go off to remind...
  11. Unexpected File Format error

    Hi everyone. I am currently unable to load my game into RPGMaker VX Ace. It says unexpected File Format. I'm not sure what to do and I am horribly distressed as you might imagine. Does anyone possess the technical wisdom to provide guidance? Thank you in advance. Update: I am able to load...
  12. How can I prevent battles from being abandoned when timer hits 0:00?

    Hi all! How can I control what happens when the timer reaches 0:00? Currently, when the timer reaches 0:00, if the player is in a battle, the battle is abandoned. What if I don't want to abandon the battle when the clock strikes 0:00? Thank you!!
  13. When following is turned on, is it possible for the front two characters to face each other?

    Hi everyone. This is something that's been bugging me for awhile and I feel like maybe I'm missing something... When Following is turned on, is there a way to make the front character and the second character face each other? Thanks! EDIT: In other words, can you control which way the first...
  14. How can I let the player take on the passability of a boat when he steps into a river?

    Hi again. My other lingering question has been to script a Boat event that requires a 'Boat' item to be in possession. I'd like it to work the following way: The Player takes on the passability of a boat when he steps onto the river water tile and his graphic changes to the boat. When the...
  15. How can I implement a FFII-style tent?

    Hi, everyone. I want to implement a FFII-like tent event. I envision the sequence of events to be like this: 1. Player uses Tent item from the menu 2. The menu is automatically escaped to reveal the map 3. The Character graphic is replaced by a tent graphic 4. Play a music jingle 5. Fade...
  16. How can I prevent the Character from walking left OR the screen from scrolling left?

    Hi all! I have a map in which I would like to do one of the following: A: Prevent the Character from walking left (e.g. Ignore the left-arrow keypress) B: Disable leftward map scrolling and prevent the player from going beyond than the left edge of the screen. Help for either would be...
  17. Variable Map Display Names

    I'd like to make some houses with the character's name in the display name. (E.g. "Tom's house", in a game where a player named a character "Tom".) Is this possible? Thanks!

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