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  1. Frostorm

    RMMV Using "Origin" w/o using "Origin"...Possible?

    Ok, I've been plagued w/ compatibility issues due to LTBS, so origin and stateOrigin(), which is from Yanfly's plugins, don't work for me. So I'm looking for an alternative to get the same functionality but w/o using origin. Is this possible? I really need this functionality, or else DoTs don't...
  2. Frostorm

    RMMV A UI Question (fillRect?)

    So I'm trying to adjust the indicator for "Move Points" for this window: (represented by the 4 light gray rectangles) This is currently drawn via this code: //- Move Points if (Lecode.S_TBS.Windows.statusWindowShowMovePoints) { y -= this.lineHeight() * 2; var mp =...
  3. Frostorm

    How do I use "origin" if I don't have access to "origin"?

    Ok, I need an alternative for "origin" or "this.stateOrigin()" since both of those don't seem to work in LTBS (it just targets the target instead). Is this possible? As I understand it, the origin stuff is a Yanfly thing and apparently incompatible w/ LTBS.:kaocry: Edit: I'm thinking variables...
  4. Frostorm

    RMMV Sunder Skill

    So I'm having trouble creating a skill/state that decreases the target's DEF by half the user's ATK. This is what I got so far... 1st a simple skill that applies the "Sunder" state is created. The Sunder state currently has this: <Custom Apply Effect> var x = Math.round(this.stateOrigin(4).atk /...
  5. Frostorm

    RMMV "this.addParam(paramId, n)" vs "target.addAtk(x)"?

    Another Javascript question...basically just wondering which is the preferred one to use, or if there's any difference between this.addParam(2, x) vs target.addAtk(x)? Thx.
  6. Frostorm

    RMMV "this.stateOrigin().mat" vs "origin.mat"?

    Just wondering what the difference is between: <Custom Apply Effect> var x = this.stateOrigin(61).mat ** (1 + this.stateOrigin(61).luk / 1000); target.addAgi(x); target.addLuk(x); </Custom Apply Effect> vs something like this: <Custom Apply Effect> var x = origin.mat ** (1 + origin.luk / 1000)...
  7. Frostorm

    How Do You Organize Your Spells/Skills?

    Just wanted to see how people go about this, both on the database/dev side and the player experience side. I personally have skills divided into 5 "tiers", but not in the sense that they're powered-up versions of earlier skills (due to utility scaling). More like each tier unlocks 3 new skills...
  8. Frostorm

    RMMV What does this mean? (LTBS Stuff)

    Ok, so I'm having trouble getting PHX_LeMod.js to work and the only hint I got was this: Regarding this code: //Modifies makeScope to allow function calls inside the scope. PHX_LeMod.old_makeScope = BattleManagerTBS.makeScope; BattleManagerTBS.makeScope = function (data, center, param) {...
  9. Frostorm

    Cutting Up Dungeons Into Bite-Sized Pieces?

    I was hesitant to post this since I noticed my forum avatar is a bit too prevalent on this subforum's pg1, so apologies if it's too many threads. With that out of the way, I'd like to get to the topic at hand. If you guys are familiar w/ the old school Zelda games, as in the 2D ones before...
  10. Frostorm

    Ambient Lighting

    I was wondering if anyone knew any good examples of ambient lighting being used in an outdoor setting, maybe some kind of forest/woods, but doesn't have to be. This isn't about technical implementation, which would go in a different subforum, but rather, I'm looking to learn general principles...
  11. Frostorm

    Signature Image (plz move this if necessary)

    I wasn't sure which subforum to post this in, but basically, I can't seem to get this banner I made into my signature. I've uploaded it onto Imgur, but when I try to embed it, there's a giant white border w/ Imgur's logo and stuff around it, making it take up a bunch of space. I'd want it to...
  12. Frostorm

    Do You Treat HP/MP As "Base Stats"?

    What I mean is, do you treat MaxHP & MaxMP as a function of another state (i.e. DEF/MDF), or do you treat them as separate, standalone things? Basically, in my project, I made DEF also increase MaxHP and MDF increase MaxMP. In conjunction, I don't offer any equipment w/ +HP or +MP. As a result...
  13. Frostorm

    Needs Icons for TAB & CTRL Keys

    I remember seeing sprites on this forum for the white glow coming from the entrance/exit of a cave dungeon, except instead of north/south, these were for east/west entrances/exits. But I can't seem to find it now... Edit: I'm a moron...I can just rotate the sprite 90° lol. :kaoangry: Edit2: I'm...
  14. Frostorm

    Your Top 3-5 Favorite RPG Tracks

    I usually focus on game mechanics, but today I felt like discussing music lol. Post your favorite tracks from any RPG! But honestly, it's not like we have the budget for 100-man orchestras lol.
  15. Frostorm

    RMMV YEP_EventChasePlayer vs Galv_EventDetectors?

    So I have on map encounters and currently use Galv's plugin for the chase/aggro mechanic. However, upon my Yanfly plugins folder (I have the full collection), I noticed the Event Chase Player plugin, which seems to do the same thing. So my question is, which of these plugins is superior? Or if...
  16. Frostorm

    AoE vs Single Target Damage - Balance Discussion

    So I wanted to see what everyone else does when it comes to balancing your skills/spells. Obviously, a single target skill/spell usually deals more dmg to a single target compared to an equivalent tier AoE skill/spell. If this is the case in your project, I was wondering how much weaker is your...
  17. Frostorm

    Alternative Term for "Critical Evasion"?

    So, I'm finding the term "Critical Evasion" to be a bit long and clumsy. Are there any good alternatives for this attribute? I've tried stuff like: Critical Dodge or Critical Resist, but I think there ought to be better terms I just can't think of atm...
  18. Frostorm

    RMMV Custom Variables for YEP_StatusMenuCore?

    So I want to add my own custom attribute to show in Yanfly's Status Menu scene. I know it's possible, I just don't know how to do so. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thx.
  19. Frostorm

    Multi-Variable Formulas

    So I recently grew bored of my (a.atk + a.atk + a.agi) formula for my physical attacks/skills. For my project, ATK(Strength) is the primary physical dmg stat, but AGI(Dexterity) serves as a secondary bonus to physical damage. This is because AGI also increases Hit, Crit, & Counter chances...
  20. Frostorm

    [Poll] Jump Mechanics

    I'm sure everyone's familiar w/ Pokemon's jump off the ledge or Golden Sun's jump from pillar to pillar mechanic by now. It's pretty common in JRPGs, but anyway, my question is actually whether you prefer if the jump mechanic is automatic, as in the aforementioned examples, or would you rather...

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