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  1. DarkSearinox92

    Upgrade NWJS on RPG MAKER MV - Can we do it?

    Hi guys, I tried to update nwjs, but the update breaks a lot of the game's features. For example, with the latest version the whole screen is blurred and if I press f4, the window does not go to fullscreen, but is blocked in the upper left corner of the screen. Is updating NWJS and making it...
  2. DarkSearinox92

    BIG FPS PROBLEM - FPS drop to steady 30

    Hi guys, I run into this annoying problem more and more often. My game runs at 60fps, I have a good computer. I realized, however, that if I go to pump up game with plugins, it happens more and more often than at the change of a scene, if there is a consistent drop in the fps (below 30), the...
  3. DarkSearinox92

    Space Between Letters

    Hi guys. I have this strange problem. I changed the default font in this: and i'm facing this strange issue. Letters appear too attached to each other and they doesn't respect the default padding between character that i see, for example, on Word. I found...
  4. DarkSearinox92

    Help for Select "category item" in inventory for "decompose"

    Hi, i need a little help with "select item" command. I want to use a command like "select item", where if the player select an item in inventory, the player receive value X. But, if i want to use a CATEGORY, instead of all items, is it possible? I'm using attach augment plugin and JP Points...
  5. DarkSearinox92

    Skill - Find number of treasure in map

    Hello guys. I wanna make a skill that call a common event that give to you the amount of undiscovered treasures in the map. I'm breaking my head thinking how to make it. I thought to count how much treasure i have in a map (example 3) and create a event with automatic start that set Variable...
  6. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV Good Plugin for Tutorial ingame?

    Hello guys, can you advise me a good plugin that create a new Scene to use for add tutorial voices? So when you can unblock a new thing and there is a message text that explain how to do something, you can unblock that message in the menù. The usual things, in short. I think for sure that...
  7. DarkSearinox92

    FSM yes or no? RPGM-MV

    Hi guys, i want to know what do you think about FSM tilesets. Would you use the various tilets made by the FSM group? My fear is that it is limited. There are a number of modified standard rtp resources, which may not "work" very well with FSM rtp which is much more zoomed and detailed than...
  8. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV Irina Performance Upgrade?

    Hi guys, what do you think about this script? Is it a MUST HAVE? Have you noticed a real upgrade in performance? Tell me what do you think about it.
  9. DarkSearinox92

    Question/Problem about eventing menu

    Hi guys, i've a little problem about eventing menu. I'm using yanfly common event menu. I've done a simple submenù, called through main menu. The problem is that the common event, for run, close the main menu and then run the common event. And the menu appears. It's just a second but the...
  10. DarkSearinox92

    Run common event through menu (scene interpreter?)

    Hi guys, i really don't like the fact that common events run only on scene map. I mean, if you try to create a new command menu, for example "Archive" that run a common event menu with yanfly script (for create a new menu and configure a lot of other plugin, for example Music Menu, Bestiary...
  11. DarkSearinox92

    Change Home Position Y (Battle Engine Core YEP) during the game

    Hi guys, i've a question. There is a way for change Home Position Y (battle engine core, yanfly) during the game, with a call script? This is the base formula in plugin manager: screenHeight - statusHeight - maxSize * 48 + (index+1) * 48 - 32. For example, if i have only one actor, during...
  12. DarkSearinox92

    Need Help with Yanfly Options Core> Add Terrax Function

    Hi guys, i'm using this script I need to configure the possibility to turn on and off the light function, through the option menu for give to player a chance to disable or enable the script. Terrax made a change in...
  13. DarkSearinox92

    Searching plugin for Disable events out of map

    Hi guys, i'm searching a plugin for optimize the game. For example, Terrax lightning system is very heavy and a lot of other events in the map can weight a lot the play. I'm searching a plugin like one that i saw lot of years ago, on VX Ace, that disable all events out of your view, and they...
  14. DarkSearinox92

    Plugin for modify Title Screen?

    Hello guys, Some time ago I found a particular plugin that allowed to modify the game title screen, moving the various options to desired points of the screen and applying particular effects while selecting the various options. I have unfortunately lost the link to this plugin and can no...
  15. DarkSearinox92

    Strange Lag Problem

    Hello guys. I have a strange problem of lag on the Android side. Notice that I also use the Terrax Lightning System script. When I load a map, I have no lag problem, everything works perfectly. When i call up a script from the menu, such as the Yanfly's Quest Diary, or EIS Librarium...
  16. DarkSearinox92

    Bug with YEP Quest Diary on Android

    Hi guys, i've tested, for curiosity, my project on Android, and i've seen that if i open a specific mission on quest diary, the game semi-crash/had a bug in graphics (the screen is reverted and continue to flash), maybe caused by the "scroll window" in quest detail. Do you have this problem...
  17. DarkSearinox92

    How to move Sideview-Enemy position during Fight

    Hi guys, i'm having troubles... :( If i've a very little enemy, and the position is setted in the troop, when this enemy will transform itself in another enemy that is very big, it goes out the screen. I can't find a solution, how can i set a new position of the enemy when it is trasforming in...
  18. DarkSearinox92

    Yanfly Battle AI Core - Target enemy name

    Hi guys, i've a question about this plugin. How can i set the code, for heal a precisely enemy? Example, i've 3 enemies. Two of them, will heal the boss on this conditions. When it reach <=50, the two of them will cure it. <AI Priority> HP% param <= 50%: Skill 8, Highest MaxHP </AI Priority>...
  19. DarkSearinox92

    Need help with a problem about Yanfly Action Sequence Pack

    Hi guys, i'll try to explain what is my problem. I don't know how to resolve it. It is more difficult to explain than to understand ... if you need a playable demo, I will create it. - I've created a combat with an enemy. This combat is composed in 3 phase. - First phase: You must kill the...
  20. DarkSearinox92

    History Book FPS Sync problem (with yanfly FPS Sync Option)

    I've opened the thread for error... please close it... Thank you and sorry

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