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  1. RMMZ VisuStella Skills and States Core: Stacking Active States?

    As the title says, I'm looking for a way to make certain active states stack (passive states can stack by default, but those won't work for what I have in mind). Some would expire via turn count, others by other methods. I've been told there's a way to do it with VisuStella Skills and States...
  2. How does one create new character generator parts from scratch?

    Basically what the title asks. I have an artist who draws bust shots for the major characters in my project and edits their sprite art (but it takes a really long time to edit sprites for her, and it's really inefficient), but she has no idea how to create custom generator parts which could be...
  3. Tileset compression issues

    So I recently splurged and bought a bunch of graphical resources for MV off of this site's store. Unfortunately, when trying to add these resources to my project, I became critically aware of a problem with the tilesets of some of the things I bought, specifically in the A1 to A5 section. For...
  4. Need Help with a Yanfly custom plugin command

    So in a game I'm working on, I have an actor who reflects magical attacks of most elements. Because of this, I want the stronger, more intelligent enemies in the game to know this and, during battle, not target her with their unique magical attacks. Yanfly's selection control plugin has a note...
  5. Visual Effect: Aura

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a script that can show an aura animation on actors. I've looked all over this site and the internet in general, and everything with the word aura in the title/description was either a mechanic (which was therefore not visual) or could not be used on actors...

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