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  1. vision_bond

    Legend of something

    DOWNLOAD v.1.1.2 17MB (No RTP) Oh, hi! I did not see you there. Please come in and have a seat. So, this is my first finished game (of a thousand and one more projects that I have not finished). It's a small game that will not take you more than a couple of hours to finish, but it has a...
  2. vision_bond

    Hi, my name is vision_bond, and I am an rpgmakerholic.

    Hi, everyone. I am vision_bond, 30 years old. I am a musician since 2003, rpgmaker user since 2009 and a happy gamer since 1989. Did I mention I suck at presentations? Well, now you know. It's nice to meet you all, have a nice day.

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So I need to come up with quite a few action sequences.
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A friend requested me to do a pfp for his twitch channel, so far he approved one of my sketches, so going to digital now. The style he's looking for is quite different from my usual, hopefully I can get it right... :kaoback:
I am so hyped! A new post update and im anxious to see reactions..eeeeeeee

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