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  1. Trying to change counterattack; need a little help, please? (YEP Battle Engine Core)

    I'm trying to set up counterattack so that when the player uses ranged attacks, the enemy can't counterattack. I have three ranged type weapons that should not provoke counters. So far, I've been able to make it so that enemies won't counterattack these weapon types, but when the enemy attacks...
  2. Looking for a 12 bar piano boogie woogie ogg loop for free.

    Hi everybody! Resource type: Music Length: 1 to 2 minutes Filetype: .ogg Style: Fast paced boogie woogie Instruments: piano only Request specifics: Up front, I can't pay. I can provide a free copy of the game and invite to alpha/beta/discord group. No expectations, just if anyone wants to...
  3. Need help excluding key items from Yanfly's Item Core Plugin max limit

    Hello! I appreciate any help I can get on this. The problem: Yanfly's Item Core (still a free plugin, find it here Yanfly's Item Core for MV ) allows the creator to limit the number of stacks of items in the inventory as well as several other functions. However, it does not differentiate...
  4. Font executes but doesn't recognize Enter for line break?

    Okay, so this is super weird. I changed the in-game font to Nyala which can be found here: When I am in-game, regular text line breaks work just fine: But when I look at help window text in-game, I get this: There's a weird system "?" where I use the Enter key to do a line break. I...
  5. Need to skip self-use skill confirmation in camp menu? Luna/Yanfly scripts

    Hi. So, I'm using the Luna Engine with the YEA scripts. For certain skills that target the user, I need to skip the confirmation for actor selection (who to use it on). They way it's set up is that this works during battle, but not from the camp menu. It automatically applies the skill for the...
  6. Optimising refresh options?

    Hey, everybody! It's been a long time for me, so I hope I'm putting this in the right place! Also, I've been googling and experimenting for about a week or two with this. Learned a lot, still not getting it. :D So, I edited Scene_Map to include a character HUD. It's a pretty basic window that...

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