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  1. SoCalAshez

    Spawnable event that follows player for XX amount of steps. Ideas?

    Good Day all! I'm creating a DnD style game and one of my heroes has the "light" Spell. I would like to know if there is a way make it when players go into the menu and cast the spell, it creates an event with the light that follows around the player and despawns after XX steps. I already have...
  2. SoCalAshez

    RMMZ Cycles of Infinity: Sands of Slumber - DnD custom world campaign turn Adventure RPG

  3. SoCalAshez

    A plugin to allow for multiple skills in the same turn for an actor?

    Good Day! So I found a plugin for MV that will allow multicasting by selecting that skill which allows you to pick 2 other skills to be cast in the same round: However, I would like one of my actors to cast attack multiple times (could be any other skills...
  4. SoCalAshez

    Curious about custom Mouse Cursor for MZ

    Hi Friends! Has anyone been able to successfully make this yet? I found an old code someone did for MV but the game got a plugin error at start because of 'canvasToMapX' not working. But I just dislike the windows cursor being the default and it takes away from the fantasy theme. Any help...
  5. SoCalAshez

    [RMMZ Request] Looking for a mighty fire whale battler sprite, lemme explain...

    Resource Type: Battler, Face? Maker Format: RMMZ Art Style: Default Character generator, sideview battler Description: In my DnD style RPG based on a tabletop campaign I have been playing in, we face off against the mighty fire whale: The Mobius Dickus! I'm using Visustella's Sideview...
  6. SoCalAshez

    The obligatory "DnD Skill checks" question for RPG Maker MZ

    Hello All! So I've done a little research and am aware that this question is asked at least once every couple years across the different iterations of the game. I have done pretty well in incorporating DnD-like mechanics, formulas, etc. into RPG Maker MZ either through Plug-ins, self teaching...
  7. SoCalAshez

    Any way to edit the EXP per level for Actors above the application limits?

    Hello! I am making a DnD-style game following my friends custom campaign. So far have been able to find many creative ways to get the application to do DND type stuff with the help of plug-ins or clever reworks, but have yet to been able to go above the [50,40,50,50] EXP curve. I want it set to...

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