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  1. DMJohn0X

    Trouble with creating a class trait.

    So I now have 2 states. One is called Vampirism and the other is Necrotic. I want Necrotic to be on at the start of battle so long as hp is .3 of mhp, else I want Vampirism on. The code I tried (which doesnt work) is: <Custom Passive Condition> if (user.hp / user.mhp <= 0.3) {...
  2. DMJohn0X

    Problem Installing Doodads

    Is there any reason YEP_GridFreeDoodads isnt showing up in my plugins menu? Ive followed the video to install it, copied both folders, and have the pluging js file in my plugins folder. But its not there... Does it not work with 1.6+?
  3. DMJohn0X

    YEP_BuffsStatesCore Vampire State help

    Hi, I've currently got all of Yanfly's plugins installed. Ive been having a whole lot of fun with states and skills. But Im still a novice. I was hoping someone could assist me with what im trying to do. I have a Class system in the game. In it is a Vampire class. What I want to do, is to give...
  4. DMJohn0X

    Is there a way to cap the Chicken Knife?

    So, Following Yanfly's tutorial, I was easily able to recreate the fabled Chicken Knife from Final Fantasy. What Im wondering though, is i f there is a way to cap the weapon's attack so it doesnt infinitely scale. Is there an...
  5. DMJohn0X

    Trying to create Trinket system

    So what im looking to do is to use yanfly's sideview ctb, but to add flavor, i want to implement the trinket system from WoW. So each character can equip 2 trinkets with passive buffs or active skills. The latter is the issue as I'd like these active abilities to have a cooldown, but i also...
  6. DMJohn0X

    Idle animation possible?

    Anyone know how to add a default idle animation that loops when the character isn't being moved? Currently when im still, my sprite is dead still. I'd like to breath life into my sprite and make it play an idle animation when not moving UDLR.

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