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  1. AMGLime

    How to make LUK effect in battle more relevant?

    I changed LUK into MST, or Mastery for my game. It's been changed to impact a few things. For one, Skills in my game can be boosted when you reach 100TP, changing them to new skills, like Healing Dew, becomes Healing Rain and heals for more, and gives the party a Regen. Normally Healing Dew only...
  2. AMGLime

    Final Boss Design Discussion

    I'm a fan of Endurance fights, Multi-phase fights, but also fights that kind of make sure you've learned stuff in the game itself. I'm actually going to post might Final Boss Draft as a spoiler at the end of this, to see what people think, and kind of just show the stuff I like. I don't think...
  3. AMGLime

    Trails Orbment System

    Hi friends, I've been looking for a Plugin to allow the Orbment System much like Trails in the Sky or Trails of Cold Steel. To those who don't know it's a lot like the Materia System from FF7. You equip items that grant you stat increases or magic spells. Unlike Materia though, this isn't linked...
  4. AMGLime

    NPCs giving explicit gameplay info - yay or nay?

    For the most part, I put a Beginner/Tutorial Hall in my game that explains the nitty and gritty about things in the game, like what Status Effects did and how they were different. For your example about a monster doing 20% HP though, from an NPC I'd colour it to make it fit the world. Want to...
  5. AMGLime

    Damage overtime (poison, burn, etc). Opinion? How do you use it in your game? Do you even use it?

    @TheoAllen Activating at the start of the turn is something I really liked from Darkest Dungeon, but my main reasoning for Poison activating at the start of the turn is because its weaker then Burn. So it can hit with its lower damage at the start of the turn and deal its damage, maybe killing...
  6. AMGLime

    Utility Scaling

    Stoneskin at 18% wasn't OP, it was just outshined by Scholar's Adlo because of MP Cost and Casting Time, so they kept it at its base 10% and just made it a faster cast and reduced its cost, but even faster cast it still was nowhere near the same level of Adlo and so it wasn't worth using it. So...
  7. AMGLime

    Damage overtime (poison, burn, etc). Opinion? How do you use it in your game? Do you even use it?

    I have 3 DoTs in my game. Poison, Burn and Corruption. Poison activates at the beginning of the enemies turn, and is based off the stats of the person who inflicted it. Deals low, but constant damage and overall has a generally high chance of success. Burn activates at the end of the enemies...
  8. AMGLime

    (almost) no healing items/skills (in combat)

    One thing to consider is you can always just make damage meaningful. Playing FF6 and FF7 again recently, damage was never meaningful from the enemies. Boss hits my team with an attack, and I just had my "Healer" Curaga the entire party, and I was fine for the cost one party member round making...
  9. AMGLime


    Some people like grinding, some people don't. It's why I've been of the mind of, let them grind if they want to, but don't make levels as meaningful. Going up a level will give you say, 10 more Health, and you'll do 1-2 more damage. Get enough levels and this will be noticeable, but I tend to...
  10. AMGLime

    Your opinions on a "Darkest Dungeon" type of game?

    God, I love Darkest Dungeon. It's so fun, and so rewarding once you start to learn the mechanics of the game. Getting a similar feel for it with the default system in RMMV could be hard, but with some of Yanfly's plugins I can see you get something similar. Pretty sure I've seen Rows for Enemies...
  11. AMGLime

    RMMV Transcended Equipment

    I like the use of FFXIV Icons for the gloves, they're nice looking. Unfortunately as someone who's played MMOs for about 16 years now, the idea of power creeping just for the sake of power creeping gets boring fast. Look at World of Warcraft, they've attempted this twice, with...
  12. AMGLime

    Difficulty in games

    @bgillisp What's so hard to believe with Yunalesca? The entire dungeon was filled with Zombie enemies and you were informed that they're wrecked by Healing spells. Makes sense she's going to wreck you when you're turned into a Zombie... I don't recall any boss fights in RPGs that didn't use a...
  13. AMGLime

    Difficulty in games

    This thread shows a lot of why difficulty isn't really a thing anymore. If a boss is hard because you need to do specific things (aka every Persona Boss) people will instead try and grind and still fail, giving up and dropping to easy anyways. Dark Souls is "difficult" in the sense that it's...
  14. AMGLime

    Killing off the main character, and replacing them with a new one.

    Yeah, this sounds more like a Two Game situation.
  15. AMGLime

    Help in Balancing Class Changes?

    Have you considered having Class Levels and Character Levels separate? So you can have a Character Level of 20, a Knight Level of 10 and a Healer Level of 1. Statistically, you'd be a Level 20 Character, no matter what your class is, and as they level or whatever, you'd unlock new skills and...
  16. AMGLime

    Plot and Character Feedback

    The only Characters who I feel are selfish with their skills is Berserker and Dark Mage. They both just do a whole lot of damage. Gunner has a lot of skills that weaken enemies. Knight has Offensive Buffs and a Revive. Elementalist gets a Utility based around the Element they are, for example...
  17. AMGLime

    Plot and Character Feedback

    So, I've recently come back after a move and a broken computer, so I've had ample time to adjust and plan things out, and I feel like I have the combat designs for my characters finished. That being said, I wanted to get a bit of feedback, and know what people think of each party member for the...
  18. AMGLime

    Should games have achievements?

    Achievements are great, I'm a big fan of them. I think getting Achievements for milestones are great. Just finished the Prologue and are heading into the full game? That's worth an Achievement to me. Don't get an Achievement after every town or dungeon though, just after each important story...
  19. AMGLime

    Youngest possible age for an RPG

    I started playing Final Fantasy VI on the SNES when I was around 4, but I didn't beat it until I was 6 or 7. I put a whole lot of hours into that game, and I love it even today, a lot of the fun for me when I was 4 though was I just kind of roamed around the towns looking at stuff. I find the...
  20. AMGLime

    Is Class Choice too much? How do you balance it?

    Funny you mentioned this, my one room mate told me I should just make things fun instead of entirely balanced, and looking through what I've made so far we can make the Warden be basically invincible later in the game. So instead he's been helping me look over my notes, and stopping what could...

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