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  1. JmyDown

    Fully Voiced RPG

    Planning my first game and I'm thinking of making it a fully voiced RPG. Has this been done before and are there any technical limitation I should be aware of? Making it with VX Ace
  2. JmyDown

    I'm sort of new

    I made an intro post here but apparently one post every three years is not enough! Anyway I recently read a post on a news website about a small team making a commercial game using RPG maker and it not sucking! So I have a few concepts in the works and I'm looking forward to getting back into...
  3. JmyDown

    Old Dog New Tricks

    Hi guy and girls I've been using RPG maker for a while way back which RM2K was released. I loved it but quickly got frustrated by the limited engine, this was before scripting, and the limited amount of people that could play it. A few weeks back I checked to see if it was still around when I...

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