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  1. Xyonel

    Plugin configuration with Window.png background color override?(shows only black background)

    As title said, I'm having issues about my plugins and window.png color of background(the top left portion of window.png). the question is: someone knows which yanfly plugins modify the background info? Cause i have tried with only yanfly plugins and doesn't work. Here's the image example of my...
  2. Xyonel

    knowing eval code inside text dialogue through yanfly scripts

    hello, using messagecore, messageevaltext and keynameentry i got this dilemma: in eval text i cannot do new line by enter like bottom example, cause don't work the evaltext syntax. plus, i cannot use apostrophes cause this is a syntax key. plus i cannot use \n for new line. any suggestion...
  3. Xyonel

    Strange behavior of .match() function..

    hey I'm here again asking for infos: this is the first common event script call that works well: function makeid(length) { var result = ''; var characters = 'LETTERS'; for ( var i = 0; i < length; i++ ) { result += characters.charAt(Math.floor(Math.random() *...
  4. Xyonel

    how to insert automatically a bunch of data with "for" into an array?

    wordList = [] for ( i=0; i<16; i++){ actorName = $; wordList.push(actorName(i)); } this does not work, someone have a solution? i'm beginner in javascript for now, still learning. cannot read property " name " of null.
  5. Xyonel

    personalizing menus

    Hi, after trial and error i got a conclusion regarding the use of variables as param, I discarded this opinion. Now I'm using the basic param, using "Strength" as attack, applying an algorithm that inrease the strength as final attack value. If an actor have 20 strength he gets 69 attack, with...
  6. Xyonel

    Variables and updating/refreshing in every scene

    As title say, i must refresh some variables in every scene of the game. I managed to get this work in map scene through a parallel common event but if eg. I open main menu and change a weapon, the variable doesn't refresh. i'm using variable 41 as "attack damage" since i used the normal...
  7. Xyonel

    Baseparamcontrol by yanfly(plugin)

    I got errors with this formula and don't know why. I checked multiple times and tweaked in different manner but still not works. the variables are additional parameters as variable which allow me to implement a scaling addition to base param. just tell me if something is wrong with this...
  8. Xyonel


    how do i check for multiple states without flooding note space of a state? With my frozen state i'm checking if the battler have one of my other states, then removing it this is a template i made: <Custom Apply Effect> if (target.isStateAffected(2) === true){ target.removeState(2); } if...
  9. Xyonel

    Item Shot

    Hey guys , I'm sorry bothering you again with a request, but I cannot find that anywhere. Do you know Item Shot from FF serie? In Which different ways can I accomplish that in rpg maker mv? Could you show some suggestion? For those who don't know what I mean, item shot is a weird skill that...
  10. Xyonel

    Script references for last element id used on enemy

    As I said in title, I need references for scripting with last element id used on enemy, in addition I must insert into a variable the last element id used on a specified enemy and compare with latest(more recent) element id used. example: enemy hit by ice by a member, then another member hit...
  11. Xyonel

    "For" loop used for switches in battle

    Hi, how to use the loop "for" for checking if my switches(21 to 29) are on in battle? I'm doing interaction through elements for example: turn 1 player use spell fire so switch fire ON turn 2 player use spell Ice so switch ice ON at the end of ice spell, IF fire or earth or (etc..) is ON AND...
  12. Xyonel

    dragonbones missing ogg files

    Hi, I've encountered this error: I understand that the %5 is meant as a space but I do not understand why is spacing the name of SE. In addition why there are letters? 5%B? someone know this error? maybe one of the file is incompatible? i downloaded the js from a different location than the...
  13. Xyonel

    subcategories for inventory and skills?

    Hi, this is a function that I need in order to get a more polite version of item inventory and skill: my game have hundreds of items and I really dislike the fact that every single item is on the same list i want to create subcategory like "food & drinks" "minerals". same for skills, I have...
  14. Xyonel

    force death state with petrified and other

    Hey, I know the plugin made by tsukihime, it's not commercial unless I contact the author etc. I could do that but I'm more interested in making by myself with events if can. here's an example of my work, it works perfectly outside of battle but for some reason does not work when in-battle...
  15. Xyonel

    Get Location info

    Hey guys, someone know very well uses and limitation of get location info? I've encountered some problem with this function, even if I get the id and put these in variables, when I recall the debug window in playtest i see that sometimes the variable give 0 value. I use 4 get location info for...
  16. Xyonel

    moving a player while autorun event?

    I need a way to move a player while in autorun cause I must disable standard movement and apply a condition movement base on stamina, this is a screenshot:
  17. Xyonel

    TileSheet graphic id for a check in map

    Hi, I need to know which graphic tile# from a tilesheet B is used in determined location example $gameVariables.value(6) for X and $gameVariables.value(7) for Y. I'm not able to find a call or a function to "read" which graphic is used in that location, someone can help? I cannot use variables...
  18. Xyonel

    how to properly show a picture inside a scene_base?

    i try to insert a picture inside the card detail function, this picture is a button that once clicked insert that card detailed into a favorite list and I'm stuck with that problem: i tried this: function Window_TripleTriad_CardDetails() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); }...
  19. Xyonel

    card image instead of text

    Hi, I've managed to get some of previous work about my personal album window, but now I'm stuck at this problem: how can I change the names of the cards into images?(the command list button will represent every image of single card, for those unknown instead will be shown card back. the command...
  20. Xyonel

    list itemid inside an array

    someone know how to insert ids of a list( item1, item2 item3) inside an array? not a simple text but cards id( in this case) previously created inside an array that I will configure as an album, I only need this tips, how to recall inside the array a variable ( i think) otherwise I must insert...

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