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  1. andrechan

    Users of Ruby and Rgss: How much skill do you need to make scripts?

    Not sure if the right board. But basically I'm throwing this question here coz I've always been curious when the transition happens from just using, to making a script.  I'm not an experienced programmer. I know some basic languages. (Intro level Ruby from a site, Html, C++) and from where I...
  2. andrechan

    Escaping battle - Conditional Route?

    Hi, so I'm trying to make this thing where there's a secret option where if you escape the battle, it leads the game to a different path. How would one go about that?
  3. andrechan

    Repeating Event Tile - How do you make it that it doesnt run after one has been pressed?

     I've run into sort of a problem with a group of tiles. They're a set in a way that they activate when you touch it, right? And from what I've learned, you put them in a self switch to shut it off if the event has already run.  But what I'm facing is this:  The event tile can only run...
  4. andrechan

    Beginner Parallax Question - Tiles appearing at next map

    Hey guys,  so I was following a tutorial on parallax mapping. I'm using Modern Algebra's fix to screen script, and Yanfly's tile lock script.  I thought I was doing well, until I tested my game and found the parallaxed pictures to be following me when I enter the next map.  I'm certain there's...
  5. andrechan

    What do you normally do when you finish a visual novel?

    I recently started Fate, and most recently finished School Days and Kono sora. I have to say that I dont really have the liberty to just finish all paths again, regardless if I fast forward through the paths ive seen. It just feels all time consuming to me.  So I usually just use a wiki.  Am I...
  6. andrechan

    IG or Game Maker

    So....I didnt want to bring this up in the IG section because, it was more of a General topic.  I'm looking to expand my creation knowledge, beyond RPG making and was wondering what's better in your eyes? I mean, I understand this forum will prolly lean to IG, but maybe there are a few who've...
  7. andrechan

    Help with centering the title screen commands

    Hi, I use Moghunter's Ayesha script. Can someone help me center this out? The menu things seem to be a bit off to the left.  I'll copy the script here I guess :  
  8. andrechan

    Can I request for someone to make my splash title text pretty?

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can make improvements on my title text? Like, not just have it look like some cut and paste thing? I'm not that good with font and graphics design, so I have a bad eye on these things, regardless if I did know how to.  For specifics: The font can be anything but...
  9. andrechan

    Leadership, morale, control discussion? (Profit-sharing/Hobbyist leadership discussion)

    So, I'm posting this because I have a very specific question about leadership, especially in dev-teams.  Which is,  How do you control egos and get people going? Was what I asked not specific enough? Alright, let me preface it like this in a somewhat same scenario I've had before. You're...
  10. andrechan

    Making party members pop out for conversation?

    Hey guys, is there a way to make party members pop in and out of the Player's body to make conversation with NPCs? I can think of ways to do it, but I don't think my way is clean.  (I basically put events around where the NPCs stand, and when the Player stands on one of them to make the...
  11. andrechan

    Name color script?

    Hey guys, is there a script that can auto-detect a name during dialogue?  I mean, I could always do the " . // or whatever that is" thing, but there's gotta be something that does a thing where when I  type "Carl" and then it detects the word carl, and makes it automatically red or blue, right?
  12. andrechan

    When all you are using is the standard battle system, how do you make your game stand out?

    I've been mulling over this for a while because my game is in this dilemma(well, sort of) On weather or not I should make an effort to implement a new battle system(in which, I can't because I can't script) or just use the standard one.  My rpg is more on narrative anyway, so I was thinking...
  13. andrechan

    Laggy room

    So I was cleaning up my events, and rooms, and setting it up to flow well, and I noticed that this particular room has a weird  framerate issue that is hard to articulate. Like the sprites take a halfstep pause before going to the next tile.  The other rooms are alright, this particular one is...
  14. andrechan

    How do you make walls open? (Like, secret doorways after puzzles)

    I made a band-aid fix which lets me pretend like I got over this problem, by making 2 maps, and the 2nd one has the secret area. A small transfer animation happens, and voila, secret passage. ` Like so: I'm wondering how to make walls open up. Like, disappear so I can have my characters...
  15. andrechan

    Need advice, joining a contest.(Great opportunity or steal?)

    So...I'm joining a pitch contest. It's not a pitch a video game contest.  It's a pitch your "company idea" contest, where in you get to win $10,000 (roughly) as an investment if you actually win.  I'm from a poor country, so $10, 000 is like probably 5 years of life for me so I'm really...
  16. andrechan

    Portrait and Faceset drawing method?

    Hey guys, so I started to make my face sets and it's cool and all. Then I realized that 500 x 500 probably was too big, so I resized it down to 96x96 after googling that it was the standard face size.  Didn't look too good sadly, got pixelated so much. So i started to make something out of...
  17. andrechan

    When using different tilesets, how do you make it more aesthetically appealing?

    So, I bought Germania set recently, and it's great. I intendo to use this to it's full potential.  But designing the overworld with standard RTP feels really really off. Germania set is more on exterior, and towns and it's lovely, but the RTP as overworld feels really off. The RTP is good on...
  18. andrechan

    Questions about resources I bought

    So I bought some tilesets, specifically the Germania tilesets coz they are sweet.  Sweet but I wanna do small modifications to it, and I haven't seen anything on the page where I bought it that says  "feel free to modify"  So, I just want to clarify; if it's tileset specific.  Can I modify...
  19. andrechan

    How did you approach scripting when you first started?

    Hey guys, so...I'm trying to build my game right now and I'm thinking of adding some features to it. I've seen tons of tutorials to scripting of course. This place is littered with them, and I LOVE IT!  What I'm trying to ask is how you guys approached scripting when you realized you needed it...
  20. andrechan

    Andrechan here

    Hi guys, I'm Andrechan. I think I've been learning VXA for over 2 months now, just getting a hang out of it. I've learned all the non-scripting functions of the engine, and can use events quite well now.  I've actually been lurking in these forums for the duration of my 2 months of VXA...

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