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  1. FinalHowl

    A Crystal Request

    This thread can be closed here thanks to GrandmaDeb!
  2. FinalHowl

    A Crystal Request

    Grandma Deb, you're amazing! Those are exactly what I need! The terms of use are standard I expect?
  3. FinalHowl

    A Crystal Request

    Hello! I was just wondering if there were variations of crystals, or crystal recolors from VX Ace. I can use VX also, but ideally I would like a yellow crystal formation that glows, or can have a glow added, as well as a teal crystal and a purple crystal. After that I should be good to go for...
  4. FinalHowl

    Realistic "puzzles"

    This seems to have been exhausted already, but in case you were still struggling, there is a phone app/game called 'UMustEscape'. There's quite a few levels on there for free, and they fit under the umbrella you're looking for.
  5. FinalHowl

    Grinding Alternative: Train with your fellow party members

    -Unless the experience is scale-able, and you motivate the player in another way, such as skill development, combination attack discovery or another method. In my game, monsters don't drop gold anyway, so this may make a better alternative. Maybe if you spend time training/sparring with party...
  6. FinalHowl

    Open-World Restrictions?

    You wouldn't really, short of creating hundreds of events that prevent passing in a certain perimeter until X switch or condition is met, I can't come up with anything beyond what I already recommended.
  7. FinalHowl

    Features Feedback

    Hmm... I like the sound of it, but it would be difficult to implement as of now. The main problem would be grappling with all the variables. I planned on. Having a Fame score per area, which would open up new sidequests and give discounts to regional stores once it got high enough though.
  8. FinalHowl

    Open-World Restrictions?

    Hmm... You could contain them in a relatively small portion of the main camp, like a valley or peninsula before opening up the rest? Leaving them to travel across half the world exploring, before forcing them to return to the starting point could prove aggravating to some people. I think...
  9. FinalHowl

    The cure to Boss Tediumitis

    Thanks for the compliment. I like your idea, but it also depends on the battle system. How would the player know to use that item? Instead what would be cool, is if the player equipped the necklace/amulet or whatever on one of the characters, could trigger an enemy or boss reaction. I think that...
  10. FinalHowl

    The cure to Boss Tediumitis

    In my game there will be several instances where I want the player, to feel the characters insignificance or powerlessness in the face of a colossal monster. My goal is to break the fight into several segments (2-4) where the player must retreat or move to a more favorable area, or give...
  11. FinalHowl

    A problem with my Intro

    It makes sense, and thank you for taking the time to even answer me. So, can I trigger simultaneous movement of events using this method, since most of the gore is already in place, I'm just trying to display it to the player, before the characters are killed. That being said, there's quite a...
  12. FinalHowl

    Dynamic Town Creation

    So.... What would be another interesting idea is to take a page out of Breath of Fire II's book, and choose who to recruit into your town, or maybe make that a village of warriors that actually go and get resources and materials for you to expand. Just a few ideas, but this... Has a ton of...
  13. FinalHowl

    A problem with my Intro

    I dunno where else to post this... I have a question I'm hoping a wiser member may be able to help me. I'm not sure what order events execute in, and I'm trying to move an event and the player x amount of tiles in a specific direction, simultaneously. I'm just wondering what the easiest way to...
  14. FinalHowl

    FinalHowl's Works, and Works in Progress

    Say hello to June~ Hello Everyone. A few days ago, I requested some assistance with locating some images of a large predatory cat, but ended up settling for a fox/wolf. That being said, what I found was nice, but not quite what I was looking for. So, I decided to create my own, using the...
  15. FinalHowl

    Features Feedback

    So... I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but if its not I apologize.     First Idea, I would like to set up conditionals, to allow the player to choose between more characters, as they progress through the game. So, if you had a save file halfway through the game, you could choose...
  16. FinalHowl

    Complex Blacksmith system

    So I'm not sure if a script is even needed for this, but it seems like it could potentially make things easier. I've set conditional, after conditional for this and its getting to be so darn confusing its not even worth it anymore. Essentially for every piece of armor and every weapon, I want...
  17. FinalHowl

    [FREE] Scythuz's Mountain of Music - Free for commercial use!

    Wow, all of these are great... I was sent here by someone else (a wonderful user). Thanks for all the free music, and I'm hoping I can find something that suits my needs.
  18. FinalHowl

    A Large Predatory Cat

    Current progress... Only finished one frame, and it took a bit of time as I had to reacclimate to Gimp. Any tips to make it look better, or anything?
  19. FinalHowl

    A Large Predatory Cat

    Ah, thank you very much~ Tutorial wise, I believe you referenced what I'm looking for (tutorials involving the creation of sprites, and implementing them into my game). Also, thanks for recommending gimp. I haven't used it in quite some time, but it's nice to get back into it. That being said...
  20. FinalHowl

    A Large Predatory Cat

    I see, well thank you for informing me. I'll keep searching and hopefully someone may offer assistance~ If for some reason I wanted to attempt to do it myself (I have decent experience with pixel art back when I made my own fire emblem animations etc...) which program would be recommended, and...

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