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  1. mathmaster74

    Temporarily Disabling or Hiding Items

    @Fangzarie It would help to know when and why you want to make items unavailable in order to come up with a solution for you.
  2. mathmaster74

    Ability only effective while having X State

    @J_spencer93 In order to best assist you, what is the effect of the ability supposed to be, and what is the required state for it to take effect? Give us a short scenario about the use of the ability, its desired effect, and when it happens, or doesn't. Show and/or tell us in a little more...
  3. mathmaster74

    PVGames 2.5D Graphics

    @BloodletterQ If you're using MV, move routes allow you to establish moves in all 8 directions. I've only used MV, so I can't speak for how the other engines work in this respect personally. Combat would require combat animation cells in the proper "facings", but are possible using only the four...
  4. mathmaster74

    RMMV Move Route Tool

    @Chocobo eggs ARE gold! :smile:
  5. mathmaster74

    (What would you do?) Old Body Pillow.

    Get the new body pillow. Sleep with both, but sleep with the new one the way you did with the old. The old just being there in the bed. The spirit will move to the new pillow to be nearer to you, and you can dispose of the old pillow however you choose once it does so everyone's happy. :smile:
  6. mathmaster74

    I remember the feeling.

    I remember the feeling.
  7. mathmaster74

    RMVXA Help Coming up with Tiered Skill Names

    Flame, Flambe, Flare, Fricassee (Burn, Brand, Broil, Brulee) :biggrin:
  8. mathmaster74

    Video games with most references

    Broforce has a bunch. I don't know how it stacks up against others mentioned here, but...probably the most references in one game that I've played.
  9. mathmaster74

    I want my game to show a menu like in the picture but I don't know how to create it

    @WingHeartC0 If this is just a menu window rearrangement, then you can use Sum Random Dude's Super Tools Engine Plugin to do it. Once you have the plugin set up, you run a playtest and press F12 to open the Super Tools Engine. Once you get to the menu you want to modify the window arrangement of...
  10. mathmaster74

    Is there plugin to remove attack option for specific class?

    @ShadowDragon While you can remove skills "mostly at default", skills 1 and 2 are relatively hard coded in. They even have their own "Terms" in the database. Deleting the skills won't remove their names appearing on the menu. Deleting the "Terms" only makes these lines on the menu invisible, but...
  11. mathmaster74

    Size of the dialog / text

    @Arigatonty I saw another thread you posted about having the character in armor push the other character down the screen and off the cliff in this scene, so...I'm guessing that's part of why you want to reduce the size of the you can better see that action? Have you tried changing...
  12. mathmaster74

    A Pop up dialogue that goes away

    @deveras111 @bgillisp I think you're referencing Yanfly's Gab Window. That continues during text messages, but it's not a "small" borderless text (at least not by's thin and borderless, yes, but it stretches across the screen. I don't know if there are settings to change this...
  13. mathmaster74

    Problem with building a Puzzle

    @Feraleth Will you be using this puzzle just 1 time, or will you be using this type of puzzle more than once? If more than once, will you be making bigger puzzles that use this theme? That's what @Heirukichi needs to know to finish the code for you. We're still here. :smile:
  14. mathmaster74

    Fight to Progress

    @AcousticJamm Using Yanfly's Skills Core, you can put notetags in Skill noteboxes. In your case, you would probably want to initialize two variables. For the sake of this example, let's go with #0001 OldAttack and #0002 NowAttack. Of course, you've probably long since used variables 1 & 2, so...
  15. mathmaster74

    Idle Battle Actions Idea

    @MrKiwi It would be cool :cool: if you can find a way to implement it :unsure: to have players select one of these as the preferred command for a character as their "inactive" response to incoming attacks while awaiting their "active" turn, and resuming until the end of the battle turn. I could...
  16. mathmaster74

    Introduction and About

    @ImperatorCogitatio Welcome aboard, Wise Jester! :smile:
  17. mathmaster74

    Luna Engine MV Devlog

    Luna engine is coming to MV?! That's AWESOME! :biggrin: I wanted to use it for my Steam game I released a few months ago. I was bummed to see it was only available for another engine. I'm SO glad to see it's coming to MV. You ROCK! :rock-left:B):rock-right:
  18. mathmaster74

    How to make this in Rpg Maker MV

    @dztakuu One way to do it could be to create your loot box event with multiple pages, each set based on a different value of a variable, so page 1 runs when variable...let's call it Arbitrary = 1, then page 2 runs when Arbitrary = 2, page 3 when Arbitrary = 3, etc. Then just set Arbitrary to use...
  19. mathmaster74

    non-character flashbacks without breaking immersion?

    @jonthefox I would probably do a fade out on the map, then fade in on the villain in their lair. The villain is doing something when all-of-a-sudden they stop with a thought bubble popping up over their head. Then text messages show their thoughts giving exposition. If the villain is remembering...
  20. mathmaster74

    Having weapons affect the damage formula?

    @jonthefox Let's look at trying to do this through the damage formula: 1st case you mention original damage formula is 4*a.atk - 2*b.def standard damage formula (I assume the a.atk and b.def were what you wanted). With your weapon, damage becomes 4*a.atk - 1.5*b.def ... so...there's a difference...

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