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  1. Goldschuss

    Pre-calculating damage

    Hello people Is it possible to pre-calculate the damage that would happen in a turn? I'm recreating the Hexdrinker effect from Yanfly's Tipps and Tricks. However, there is a glaring issue with Yanfly's implementation. For example, imagine your actor has 100 HP. Then an attack hits for 100...
  2. Goldschuss

    Override Element of skill, when actor has a certain state

    Hey everyone I'm currently facing a problem, which I think should be very easy to solve, but I can't figure it out. I made a skill "Heat infusion" which will apply a state to the user. This state will cause the user to deal fire-elemental attacks, as well as apply a burn with basic attacks and...
  3. Goldschuss

    "Shadowy" Map Sprite

    So Tales of Symphonia gave me an idea in order to save resources for map sprites. I have lots of battlers in my game, but I couldn't afford someone to draw every map sprite. and thus, here's my request: Resource Type: Map Sprites Maker Format: MV Art Style: Simple Description: I want 2-3 Map...
  4. Goldschuss

    Lags during battle - preload animations?

    Hello everyone I'm not sure if it's a plugin-overload, but battles tend to lag the first time an animation shows up. the second time the same animation is cast, goes from there on fluent. Now the problem is, that this happens for every individual skill animation and it resets upon...
  5. Goldschuss

    The Goldschuss thread

    Hey everyone I've been in the forums for a while now, but I have never really formally introduced myself, so let's go :) I'm 22 Years old and live in Switzerland. Next to gaming, I enjoy playing Tuba and doing Karate. 2 Years ago, I discorvered RMVXAce and finished my first game a year...
  6. Goldschuss

    Ace Attorney Character design

    Hey everyone Ace attorney has great character design, it always gives me a good laugh. But what exactly makes it so good? Is it, that they take stereotypes and exaggerate them? I tried to create some characters that would fit in an ace attorney game, but I wonder if they would be funny...
  7. Goldschuss

    Error WebGl

    Hey everyone, Today, I made the update from 1.2 to 1.3.1 however if I start the project, I get the error: Cannot read property WEBGL of Undefined. Worst of it, I can't open the console with F8. I tried disabling all my plugins and I didn't work :( I'm sure I updated my game right...
  8. Goldschuss

    Stacks for every skill cast

    Hey guys I'm trying to do a passive state for an actor where everytime the actor uses a skill, a certain state increases it's state counter by one. It would be easy to do if it was done into a single skill, however this state should increase everytime a skill is used. Can anyone help me...
  9. Goldschuss

    Code for the "hexdrinker" effect

    Hello everyone Currently, I'm trying to recreate the Hexdrinker effect from League of Legends, using Yanfly's plugins. This is my current code inside of a state: <Custom React Effect> if (target.hp / target.mhp <= 0.25) { target.gainBarrier(100 + (20 * target.level), 5)...
  10. Goldschuss

    Error in this script call

    Hey guys, I get the error that "reflection" is not defined. here's the script call I used: { AudioManager.playSe(Reflection, 100, 100, 0); } However, I do know, that I have a SE like this in my folder.
  11. Goldschuss

    Fight in the dark

    Let's say you're fighting against an evil overlord who shrouds the battlefield in darkness, thus making your teammates impossible to see anything. You may have seen this scenario in certain RPG's or shooters. While it is dark, allies are not able to spot where the enemies are and can not...
  12. Goldschuss

    Music from GlitchxCity

    Hey guys Pokémon fans will probably know the channel GlitchCity, where remixes from various Pokémon games are uploaded. My question: are these legal to use in RPG maker? GlitchXCity states that they are free to use, with credits, however since they are remixes, would those terms of use...
  13. Goldschuss

    YEP Row Formation Slots

    I have a suggestion to make for the Row Formations Plugin. Currently, you can set any amount of members to any row, however after rewatching the video tutorial and reading through the help file once more, I did not find a possibility to limit the amount of members, one row can have.  ...
  14. Goldschuss

    Plugin that checks actors

    Hey guys. What I'm going to request is something, that could be done through a lot of eventing, but maybe someone could make a plugin out of it, so the work becomes easier. In my game, you get to select one out of 4 charakters. Now if you choose one and talk with an NPC, you'd need to set...
  15. Goldschuss

    [MV] Mega-Beedrill's Arms as Lance type Weapon

    I'm looking for a lance weapon sprite and icon for MV, and something like an arm of beedrill would be amazing to have.
  16. Goldschuss

    Yep_Absorpion Barrier suggestion

    In @Yanfly's Absorpion Barrier Plugin, there is currently no way do determine exactly, how many barrier points are left. There is a visual indicator intigrated in the health bar, but unlike HP, there's no number on top of it. Would it be possible to add an exact number of remaining barrier...
  17. Goldschuss

    Switch Control by region ID

    Hello guys. Assuming, I'm in an area marked with Region ID 7, then the Switch x is on. As soon as I leave Region 7, Switch x will be turned off. Does anyone have any Idea on how to do this?
  18. Goldschuss

    [Hime] GuestFollowers.js bug

    Hello everyone and hello @Tsukihime I've got a bug with the guest followers plugin, which looks like this:  
  19. Goldschuss

    Animated Scorpion Battler (MV)

    As the title says, no has done an animated battler for the scorpion yet. It doesn't necessarily need to be the RTP version, every Scorpion is fine. Regards Goldschuss
  20. Goldschuss

    New method for looping OGGs needed (solved)

    Solved: Spelling mistake. Hey guys. There are some tutorials around the forums as to how to loop ogg. files. I'm not sure if something changed with MV, anyway, this method doesn't seem to work for MV anymore. Any updates on this? Regards

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