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  1. PhxFire

    Set Map Name as Variable

    So when I try to use "Control Variables : #0010 Respawn Town = $gameMap.displayName()" I get the starting map's name stored correctly... However when I get to the 2nd town the variable is stored as 0... any ideas why? Thanks!
  2. PhxFire

    Yanfly action sequence help

    I'm trying to just do a basic attack where the character/ enemy goes up to the target, attacks and shows the attack animation, then goes back to their starting position... I've searched for the right code and I've found these two but neither seems to be working and The first code works...
  3. PhxFire

    Attribution question

    So eventually I plan on releasing a commercial game and I was trying to figure out the best way for credits/ attribution. My original plan was to have a credits page within the game but I don't really like the organization of the ones I've seen so far. My question is, is it enough to have an...
  4. PhxFire

    Crossfade BGM

    I'm not a big fan of the sudden stop and start of the BGM when switching maps, is there a plugin to crossfade the music, or atleast fade out and fade in? Thanks!
  5. PhxFire

    LF Simple BGM Loop

    I need a relaxing background music loop for a small forest village. I'm looking for something in a similar style to minecraft's BGM (here)... Not quite as slow/ relaxing as that but as a more of a reference point. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. PhxFire

    SRD_PKM_TypeSystem Possible Compatibility Issue

    So I've just added the PKM Type System plugin to my project and when trying to calc the dmg I get an error (Shown below) My question is, are these plugins incompatible or did I mess something up?
  7. PhxFire


    I'm trying to change the damage done from super effective and not very effective moves... I want super effective moves to do 1.25x dmg and not very effective moves to do .75x dmg. I think I found the code but I wanted to see if its the right spot and if I've got the numbers down...
  8. PhxFire

    Equip Battle Skills (YEP)

    Is there a way to check if a skill is equipped? I wanna make a conditional branch in the tutorial that checks if the skill is equipped... If (Skill) is equipped Continue Else Show Text Is this possible?
  9. PhxFire

    How many skills is too many?

    So my game has 9 different elemental types and I would like to make 2-3 skills for the player to learn in the game plus a few non-elemental skills.... My question is, should I limit the amount of skills they can posses at 1 time? Should I allow them to learn as many skills as they can find? Some...
  10. PhxFire

    Changing default map size in Map Properties

    So I've changed the display size of my game and everytime I need to create a new map I have to manually upsize it to be the minimum requirements, which isn't awful but I have 100's of maps to make lol... Is there a way to change the default 17x13 to new numbers... I'm guessing it's somewhere in...
  11. PhxFire

    RMMV Synopsis/ Game start advice

    Alright so this post is a double to get some other opinions on game openings... My first question is what are some good ways to start a game? Right now my character wakes up, and get's right into the story. It's kinda cliche but also a tried and true method to start a game. What are your...
  12. PhxFire

    Voice actor questions

    So I want to get a voice actor for my game's intro but I don't have a clue where to start... Anyone know where good places to look are for either free or inexpensive voice actors? I've got a 400 word paragraph that they would need to read, any estimates on pricing? Thanks!
  13. PhxFire

    Assistance with Yanfly's action sequence 2 plugin

    So this is my first attempt with the plugin and I know I'm doing something wrong because nothing happens anymore when I use the move.. I'm assuming I'm just missing something obvious, but here's the code I'm using Basically the actor staying in the standby motion the whole move and the...
  14. PhxFire

    MOG_TresurePopup assistance

    I'm having some difficulties with the plugin since it's in another language. I'm trying to display the items received over the player instead of the chest. Is this possible with this plugin? If not is there another plugin that will do this?
  15. PhxFire

    Small edit to wooden post

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me out with an edit of this post -I need one that looks like it's been whittled down from punches from years of training (If you've seen Naruto then basically just like the one Rock Lee trained on) -I also need one with scratches and burn marks on it...
  16. PhxFire

    Changing default attack animation based on character/weapon

    Is there a way to have the default attack animation be different for each actor? and also is there a way to change it based on the weapon they're holding... Example Actor_a holding nothing -> normal punch animation Actor_b holding nothing -> Scratch animation Actor_a holding sword-> Slice...
  17. PhxFire

    Thoughts on idea to obtain skills/ abilities

    I wanted to get some feedback on a possible game mechanic I'm thinking about implementing... So basically you learn new skills and gain new abilities by speaking to NPCs that have mastered that specific art thoughout the game... The main skills will be a sort of checkpoint before the player can...
  18. PhxFire

    Looking for a thread I found a while back

    There was a thread on here by someone who created a ton of different states and I can't seem to find it, does anyone know the name of the thread or who created it? Or something similar thats just dedicated to states. Thanks!
  19. PhxFire

    YEP Enemy Levels Plugin - Control enemy lvls based on area

    So I'm using Yep Enemy Levels plugin but I want to be able to limit the lvls based on where the player is in the game to help prevent over leveling too early. So let's say in the first map I want enemies to be lvl 1-10 within a +-2 lvl from the MC... so when the player is lvl 5 they can...
  20. PhxFire

    Slime without eye

    I'm looking for a slime sprite without the eye... something to match the SV battler on this site If you know where I can find one that would be great or if anyone would be willing to edit the OG sprite or make a new slime that would be very much so appreciated also!

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