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  1. kranasAngel

    Making your world feel alive.

    Personal thing I try to do is ask myself about the internal landscape and motivations of each NPC. What do they want in life, why are they like this? If they're a shop keeper, do they want to be? Why or why not, etc. Then when you write their dialogue, you can keep that in mind going forward...
  2. kranasAngel

    RMMV Wildwood Tales

    I’d be careful. If your game is 60 hours, then no one is going to want to replay it, I can’t even finish something that’s 60 hours long. Unless you meant 60 hours total including all branches in which case carry on and pretend I didn’t say anything.
  3. kranasAngel

    RMMV Wildwood Tales

    Sounds like an interesting idea, seems like a cross between Agarest and Animal Crossing which I'm loving. I'll look forward to when you release your first demo. I like the idea of your actions having lingering consequences on the story, that'd definitely make me and probably many others...
  4. kranasAngel

    Saving your game: What's your approach?

    I like the idea of using Save Points exclusively in general combined with quicksaves so that the player always feels like they have an exit point available to them, but it really depends on your game. In my case I don't want my players to be able to easily undo things or walk back on them, so...
  5. kranasAngel

    Making All Stats Equal

    The discussion rules say to keep the post from being too project specific, so I didn't want to get too in depth to the way such things were calculated. That makes sense, for my part though I'm making it so that every player has identical stat totals. So character A who has 2 Vitality and 3...
  6. kranasAngel

    Making All Stats Equal

    I've been wondering how to make all stats feel like they're equal. Suppose you have a 2 in Stat A and a 2 in Stat B. Increasing Stat A to level 3, or Stat B to level 3 should confer an equal benefit, but I've often found that this isn't always the case. to use my game as an example, there are 5...
  7. kranasAngel

    Tell me about your armor design.

    Here's a potential idea, rather than having defense alter damage taken directly have it alter what armors you can equip. Thus the tank with the highest defense stat can access higher level armors at earlier levels. Then you can have a lot of fun with what armors you're wielding. I know in one...
  8. kranasAngel

    heavily rewarding skillful gameplay

    I personally like the way The World Ends With You does it. Fighting enemies on harder difficulties gives you better rewards, but then the enemies scale to match. Maybe getting the sword of advantage, would convince some villiagers of your strength, leading you to a secret dungeon, or have the...
  9. kranasAngel

    managing resources without knowing how long the dungeon is

    Personally, I feel that if you’re worried about the player’s not being prepared for the Dungeon ahead, it’s definetely possible to reveal the map ahead of time. However, to me there are two potential experiences you could capitalize upon here. 1) a sense of planning and preparation Here you...
  10. kranasAngel

    YEP Buff & States Core JS Help

    If they aren't counterattacking for any other reason couldn't you do the following? Setup Evade Counter Then use EX Param Formula's to set their Counter change equal to their evasion rate. if(user.isStateAffected(x) ? (user.eva + plus) * rate + flat + (user.luk / 1000) : (base + plus) * rate +...
  11. kranasAngel

    Thoughts on this pseudo-class system.

    First off, TWEWY is a great game. More on topic though, I think one thing I would do is split the skills with a set of "core" skills to a specific character that don't change with respect to mood, and "mood" skills that alter based on a characters mood. This will keep it from feeling like you...
  12. kranasAngel

    RPG with Combining Elements

    It can definitely work, Bravely Second did something similar with it's Wizard class where it could use an ability called Spell Craft What spell craft does is it takes a base spell, and then augments it, for example if you use fire as a base spell, you could add on the spell craft ability ~all to...
  13. kranasAngel

    RMMV Grand Core Release [Demo]

    Don't push yourself. And I look forward to seeing what you manage.
  14. kranasAngel

    RMMV Grand Core Release [Demo]

    @Mirpono dayum, this is incredible, it looks like you've solved all of the issues. I look forward to it, this is going to be good.
  15. kranasAngel

    Enemy scaling

    For me, enemy level scaling shouldn't be necessary to keep the game challenging provided your difficulty system is well made. For me the game that executes this best was The World Ends With You. Here you could chain up to 4 battles at a time, and while your hp would regenerate after a battle, it...
  16. kranasAngel

    Regarding Yanfly Buffs & States Core

    You could add a state (State B ) to the opponent that is removed after one action, and have the remove effect be to remove all instances of the original state (State A) from the user. Though this only works if only one actor can use the skill.
  17. kranasAngel


    @kirbwarrior Lisa's limited save points work because it's a short game. You can complete it in one sitting so repeated reloading isn't really necessary. While many events happen between each point, that's because each hour of the game is dense, and it never feels like there are too few. Also...
  18. kranasAngel

    Features Feedback

    Wow, this is really in depth, nice job and I look forward to seeing what comes of it. Not sure this is the right forum for this sort of thing, since it's a game idea and not a singular mechanic it might belong in Early Game Feedback, but a moderator will probably come by to decide that...
  19. kranasAngel

    RMMV Grand Core Release [Demo]

    @Mirpono I'm glad you found the feedback useful, I'll message you general implementation stuff directly because I feel like that would distract from the general feedback you hope to receive here.
  20. kranasAngel

    Force Action Code

    Did you copy paste it exactly? The issue might be that it is a custom leave effect that only triggers when the state is removed. If so, sorry. Try replacing it with respond instead, that might work.

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