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  1. breakout

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    @Kato-A This looks really good! I have nothing to complain about it, I guess :) I am thinking about using different color styles too, but not quite sure, if it would be too inconsistent.. in your case it's part of the story, right? so the different colors per map seem to fit to the game you want...
  2. breakout

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Hello everybody, this is my first map of a game about Kafkas novel "the trial"... at the beginning the protagonist awakes and gets arrested (he doesn't know why and he can live like normal without having to go to prison).. the atmosphere is pretty dark, but I didnt want to make it too dark (the...
  3. breakout

    RMMV Final Fantasy VII - Rise of Shinra

    wow, this game looks really good, I like the modern atmosphere and graphics a lot! may I ask, if you used some modern tilesets for your game? and these character sprites in the video are from @hiddenone and @Candacis, right? do you combine parts of these sprites in gimp/ photoshop? I am planning...
  4. breakout

    MV Sprite+

    Hi @Lynvia, thank you for your quick reply! I actually found your ressources before and I tried to make it work in schlangan's editor, but someone it didnt work out.. Maybe I should give it another try! But in my opinion, I like the sprite+ from @Candacis better, i think @hiddenone's tall...
  5. breakout

    RPG Maker MV Extended Generator - Version Alpha 0.10 - Update on the 7th September 2019

    Hello and thank you first for this nice character creator! I tried to make bigger characters, but the stretching method by @caladrius didnt work out too well for me, mostly because I could not really seperate the body parts (arms, legs) from the clothing. So, after the streching, my character...
  6. breakout

    MV Sprite+

    Hello and thank you very much for these wonderful templates! I am trying to make more characters with this base, but unfortunatly my artistic skills are not that good -- is there any chance of finding some more clothing etc. for this base in the future? it would be really great if it would be...

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