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  1. RiskBreaker

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    @mlogan - I haven't reordered the maps/renamed etc. Is there anyway I can hardwire it's initialization via ruby script? I never knew this ide would have so many bugs...
  2. RiskBreaker

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    I'm making a dual party event system in which two parties explore a map and solve puzzles that require the use of both parties. These parties move along different paths and activate distinct switches exlcusive to each party. The activation of these distict switches on both sides allow the player...
  3. RiskBreaker

    Lorelai, Queen

    This game radiates a promising energy, downloading demo right now. One question, are those custom-made face graphics? Really, if they are... there monstrously good looking!
  4. RiskBreaker

    Luna's XP RTP Tileset Add-Ons

    *Ahem* As expected from Lunarea; exceptional Indeed! Your a monster when it comes to *les artes". Still waiting for Twice upon a hero...
  5. RiskBreaker

    Steampunk Tiles

    These are great. I really love the interior tilesets, how did you ever make them so shiny like that!? Again, thanks for sharing, you're really awesome!
  6. RiskBreaker

    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    I'm impressed; 296 - The Tea Garden (Loop) was awesome! You should definitly explore more of those as you said "full circle melody" types. I believe it was the most emotional piece you've made so far. Also, I really loved serenity and White Elphants! These are great, wonderfull infact. Keep up...
  7. RiskBreaker

    Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights

    *Jaw Drop*... times two. Awesome tilesets and love the concept art! You are really setting the bar with custom graphics. Really. Your music tracks seem off though, it's a little 'too' enticing. You will need a very tight story to go with it. Let me warn you though; the lack of more generic and...
  8. RiskBreaker

    Star Stealing Prince

    I had already read the guide you gave Needles. I believe it's very similar to the one I saw under the comments section of your Guide to defeating Lorel (in dedicated blog). The problem is I don't have Hiante with "the equipment to put Lorel to sleep". I've never encountered any eqiupment for...
  9. RiskBreaker

    Star Stealing Prince

    This is a great game, I was utterly amazed playing through the tower. I've not finished the game though, once finished I can gladly give you more feed back. Now,... Can you upload a save file that is just after the first boss!? This is the twelfth time I reloaded to try. I 've read your guide...

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