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  1. naruzeldamaster

    Earthbound Battle Background Possible?

    Any good recommendations? I'm looking explicitly for the 'wavy' effect, it's hard to really describe (it looks like water ripples) especially when it comes to how they did the distortion on the final boss of the game.
  2. naruzeldamaster

    Earthbound Battle Background Possible?

    Particularly for bosses in a game I'm going to make (and finish, if I can get a team) I want a similar effect to reflect the fact that the bosses are stronger than the normal mooks.
  3. naruzeldamaster

    Replacing HUD Details.

    So I'm working on a game, and I kinda want to change how the battler information is displayed, since most of the time in my game you only have 1 party member. Could having a battle hud like most action games have them (HP in one part of the screen, TP (won't be called that in my game) in another...
  4. naruzeldamaster

    A Few Requests

    The first request is simple, a grid based menu system that allows me to place sprites anywhere on the screen, but allow it to look like a seamless, single picture menu that highlights your options before you choose them. Closest examples are the skill tree that Ori and the blind forest uses...
  5. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    I know this is a dumb question but where do I put the script at again?
  6. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Yeah this is probably simpler than I made it out to be but like I said, I have the ability to learn, execution is where it gets tricky >_<' I'm going to assume that I can manually edit the EXP Cap to a round number (say 50 K) and RPG Maker will calculate that amount out on the levels...
  7. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Thanks very much for your hard work ^+^ Just need to know how you would like to be credited now :P I know it's probably a simple matter for you and other scripters. But to me it may as well be Greek >_< I took a Visual Basic class back in the day and played around with mob talker (yes...
  8. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Ok, as the only other thing, do you think you can get the script to work without interfering with the weapons level up script?(so weapons can level up properly and 'learn' stronger spells/skills without leveling down / re-leveling when you use them.) I'm not sure what changes are made to the...
  9. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Hmm, that is a fair point. I guess the only other thing then would be to get it working with the 'weapons level up' script without the weapons leveling down when using spells and attacks. I'll be using the 'enemy encounters on map' script so you can prepare before the battle. (they won't...
  10. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Making it so the TP/MP bars are replaced with an EXP display would be nice, since it's a different mechanic than people are used to it'd be a nice touch to be a guide without holding the player's hand. If they spam techniques and abilities and get gimped that's on them lol Granted it would...
  11. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Thank you very much ^+^ I will be taking a while to get this project rolling (I have a Visual Novel I'm working on at the moment and I'm waiting for Degika's VN Maker to come out) but I can work on this project little by little on the side as a pet project. Is there a way to tie skills to...
  12. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    I was thinking that your skills could be tied to your weapons. You could attack normally (physical attack) or with a Magical ability tied to the weapon.  It would De Level you (hence being a double edged sword) but only your base stats of attack defense and HP. Think of it as a Risk-Reward...
  13. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Ok so I thought of a really interesting mechanic that's a little bit of a double-edged sword. What if there was some way to 'use' EXP, in place of the overdone MP/TP meters?  My idea is that you still level up normally, but your spells/ technical moves cost certain amounts of EXP. EX...
  14. naruzeldamaster

    Kairi Sawler's Free Commercial Music Workshop!

    Hi! I'm making an RPG starring a hot-headed Merchant that feels and plays like an old school Final Fantasy game. I was wondering if you could create something that feels like a mix between this  and this  I know that sounds like an odd combination, but I want the battles to have the...
  15. naruzeldamaster

    Void Quest: Demo

    OK then, I will see what I can do about some more screens. I don't want to explain some of the stuff because half of the experience is not knowing what to expect. (It's like playing the Stanley Parable for the first time without watching any videos from it) This game throws a lot of curveballs...
  16. naruzeldamaster

    Void Quest: Demo

    I will likely make some screenshots of areas that aren't in the demo that I have the maps for. (A buddy on steam does the mapping.) These areas will be in the full game, but they're just going to show what my bud can do even using the default rtp. If that is enough to satisfy you I can make some...
  17. naruzeldamaster

    Void Quest: Demo

    The project that is bound to surprise many while still using the run time package and DLC images is finally beginning to take it's true shape. A while ago I entered a certain contest, due to the reaction (or lack thereof) I decided to reboot and re-create my story without restrictions on time of...
  18. naruzeldamaster

    2.5D Game Idea: First Base, Fifth Gear

    Okay so I am currently working on a Novella fiction with the idea of parodying the oh so eye roll worthy harem genre of anime. While procrastination prevents me from writing consistantly enough to finish the story in time to make a game out of it. (currently barely finished with chapter  1 out...
  19. naruzeldamaster

    Remember Event States By Darkshadow44 (Complete and Tested/Working)

    Script has been updated, and all bugs have been fixed, also I take no credit for this script; I only posted it here with permission because Darkshadow44 made it for my project and his and thought it would be useful compared to the other scripts of this kind.
  20. naruzeldamaster

    How to Make a Player-named Character a Boss?

    Here's an idea....remove the actor from the party, and create an enemy with the same name(Make sure you name the trope this as well!) and a battler image of that actor....then it's just a matter of manipulating the field sprite of that character accordingly.  No fancy shmancy scripts needed :3 ...

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