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  1. Frostorm

    RMMV "this.stateOrigin().mat" vs "origin.mat"?

    Yes, how I can apply that method w/ any skill/state where I would normally use origin. Your help has been invaluable, thank you.
  2. Frostorm

    How Do You Organize Your Spells/Skills?

    This should be a goal more devs strive for imo.
  3. Frostorm

    RMMV Sunder Skill

    Ok, I think I figured out a way to get the functionality of origin w/o actually using it! At least conceptually...I ran into an error trying to actually implement it, however. Basically, I have the Sunder skill w/ the following: (only 3 party members) <Custom Execution> var _sunderAtkVal =...
  4. Frostorm

    RMMV "this.stateOrigin().mat" vs "origin.mat"?

    Yes, that was actually my 1st instinct. I have confirmed this issue only occurs while using LTBS. Unfortunately, the creator (LeCode) is inactive and has been for some time. He had plans to release a new v0.8 that would've been a complete rewrite from the ground up, but that never happened. Our...
  5. Frostorm

    RMMV Blades of Twilight [Tactical RPG]

    Yikes lol, the pressure! What elements/disciplines do you fancy? I'll try to polish those as best I can. Edit: Another 2 characters I want to reveal...they're not party members though, but can be playable in select parts of the game (at least that's the plan). (Yup that's my avatar! lol) Serac...
  6. Frostorm

    RMMZ Rose Engine[Easy 3D Game builder] MV & MZ - Map movement demo available!

    @chaucer Oh man, I would love to use this in a tactical RPG type of project. Doubt LTBS would work w/ it though lol. LTBS is buggy as hell and incompatible w/ many plugins but it's still my favorite. None of the other battle systems have the depth it has. @Tsukihime I thought the grid battle...
  7. Frostorm

    RMMV Blades of Twilight [Tactical RPG]

    My release date goal for the tech demo will be Nov 30th! It would just be 1st dungeon + starting town though. A good chunk of skills/spells would also be nonfunctional (so much work to do!) lol.
  8. Frostorm

    Bug issues

    Yanfly's plugin order from the master demo project:
  9. Frostorm

    RMMV Plugin Assistance - Yanfly Hit Accuracy

    Well take a look at this: (user.mat * 2) + user.hit If the user's MAT is 1 then that means they'll have a Hit Rate of (1 * 2) + user.hit so it's already at least 200% hit chance right there, and that's at the lowest MAT possible. What you need to do is scaled down the effect MAT has in the formula.
  10. Frostorm

    RMMV Using "Origin" w/o using "Origin"...Possible?

    Ok, I've been plagued w/ compatibility issues due to LTBS, so origin and stateOrigin(), which is from Yanfly's plugins, don't work for me. So I'm looking for an alternative to get the same functionality but w/o using origin. Is this possible? I really need this functionality, or else DoTs don't...
  11. Frostorm

    What's the point of the luck stat?

    The state would have its normal application rate/chance to be applied since both units' LUK stat are the same.
  12. Frostorm

    What's the point of the luck stat?

    Most people adapt LUK to be used for another purpose. For instance, I personally removed the default influence it has on state applications and turned LUK into "Speed" (SPD) to govern turn order, evasion, starting FP, and movement range. It can also be used in formulas as @ScorchedGround...
  13. Frostorm

    RMMV A UI Question (fillRect?)

    So I'm trying to adjust the indicator for "Move Points" for this window: (represented by the 4 light gray rectangles) This is currently drawn via this code: //- Move Points if (Lecode.S_TBS.Windows.statusWindowShowMovePoints) { y -= this.lineHeight() * 2; var mp =...
  14. Frostorm

    Cutting Up Dungeons Into Bite-Sized Pieces?

    Totally concur, though my only reservation for using the "cut up" method is when it comes to towns. For dungeons, I pretty much have to use this method (for combat), but there's no such restriction for towns. So would you prefer to keep towns as a single larger map or divide it into sections...
  15. Frostorm

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    I believe it should be: <letbs> move_points+: -1 </letbs> Guys, I found another issue...extra_action doesn't seem to work. Even in the Demo project, Duran's Provoke skill has the extra_action tag but it doesn't do anything. In fact, I double-checked and sure enough, there's no mention of...
  16. Frostorm

    RMMV "this.stateOrigin().mat" vs "origin.mat"?

    Is stateOrigin a Yanfly thing or a default MV thing? I recently discovered stateOrigin doesn't work (always targets the unit the state is on instead of the caster). Must be that LTBS incompatibility? Edit: @caethyril is there an alternative for origin?
  17. Frostorm

    AoE vs Single Target Damage - Balance Discussion

    This would only apply to game's w/ "range" but basically I'm gonna make it so Chain Lightning has a range of 3 tiles, which is the same as Lightning Bolt but that range is just for the primary target. So if you have a target within 3 tiles, but 2 more targets even further than that (but within 3...
  18. Frostorm

    RMMV Sunder Skill

    @ramza Thank you! I just woke up and will try this now. Btw, would this accommodate for, say, more than 1 unit knows this skill and applies the state? Like if party members 1 & 2 both have this skill, would there be problems? Edit: Ok, looks like I'm gonna need alternative for...
  19. Frostorm

    AoE vs Single Target Damage - Balance Discussion

    How would you guys go about "Chain Lightning" type AoE spells. Basically, the kind that jumps and perhaps decreases in dmg per jump. For example's sake, let's say we have 3 Lightning type spells: I'll create a few possibilities... Damage as a lever: Lightning Bolt scope: single target cost...
  20. Frostorm

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @bg400 MUCH more clear & legible!:thumbsup-left:

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