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  1. SKGaming

    Actor v Actor battling plugin?

    I'm not sure which board this should go under, so that's why it's here. In the current project I'm working on (using RPGMMV), I need to be able to do a turf-war style battle between sets of actors. You'll only be able to control YOUR side. I have no experience with JavaScript, and I have...
  2. SKGaming

    Starting town names (suggestions)

    Hello RPGM community! I have started a new project that is loosely based on Sword Art Online combined with No Game No Life. It is a fantasy RPG and I need an idea for the initial town name. Any ideas will be taken into consideration.
  3. SKGaming

    Map event mechanics for MV

    Alright, you guys know the classic "I just beat a boss" scenario for Final Fantasy games right? The ones where just after you beat the boss or escape the tunnel, something happens on the map that makes it to where you can or cannot go through. I would like to know the best-looking way to do...
  4. SKGaming

    General concensus (opinions needed, please read)

    I've recently bought three RPGM programs (MV, VX Ace, and 2k3), and I've been wanting to make a game with any of them that can be published. However, I want to make a game that a decent amount of people will play. So I want to ask the RPG Maker community this question: what game style will more...
  5. SKGaming

    In game character creator

    Hello people of the RPG Maker community. I have been using RPGMaker VX Ace for quite a while now, and I thought about doing something I find to be pretty cool. However, I have very little knowledge of coding, and only a small amount of knowledge of some of the functions in RPGMaker.  My friends...

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